Why are all these public and quasi-public agencies installing bullet-proof glass in their lobbies?


Wow! I looked out my window into the dark this morning, and there’s a shiny ribbon of water running down my driveway to the street.

Too bad we can’t see the sky this morning – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are apparently all visible just before dawn right now. The rain is drumming steadily outside my window, so I doubt there will be a chance to see them today, but I’ll be ready if there’s a break in the storm this week.

I’d like  to hang out some laundry. I had a chance to hang out some towels the other day, had to finish them in the dryer, but they smell a lot better if they get a few hours out on the line. 

I’ve been keeping track of the rain in my notebook, watching for dry periods during which I would water my landscaping, and there haven’t been any. According to my records, it hasn’t gone a full week without raining since the beginning of November.

But, just showering and laundry have put my household over the budget Cal Water set for us. It doesn’t make sense. I read in the News and Review about a family that has applied a couple of times for a more reasonable water budget, having removed lawn, etc, but Cal Water has denied their request. 

I don’t know how many of you have been to Cal Water’s big shiny office – about a year or so ago my husband and I noticed they’d installed bullet-proof glass between the lobby and the work section, where you can go in to pay your bill. 


Yes, the city installed bullet-proof glass in the Downtown lobby a couple of years ago too. 

Why would they expect the public to want to shoot them?

Just asking.




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