Geeshy sakes, it’s COLD!  

At 4 am I woke up feeling as though there were no blankets on our bed. I had to get up and rummage for another nightshirt. By the time I got my layers figured out it was time to get up!

Cause you know, I don’t want to miss Christmas, the build-up has been overwhelming.

The moon was so bright last night, I knew – this is the beginning of another cold spell, like the one we had over Thanksgiving. I put in some plants and covered others – I hope everybody made it. Today I think I’ll put them all inside the garage until this one passes. I’ll make a prediction, just for fun – four days.  

Oh yeah, it’s Winter, don’t ya know.  After that  dumper yesterday, what – 20 minutes? Our rain barrels were full again and there were puddles everywhere. By 10:00 last night, the uncovered section of our patio was frozen slick. 

Good Ship Earth turned the corner the other day, she will head back to the sun. Every year I say that with absolute faith, but the paranoid freak in me says, “Wow Man, what if she doesn’t?”

Did you ever wonder, when your mom went out for that late night gallon of milk, was she going to come home? I never did.

I’m sitting here in the dark and quiet, having promised my family they would be allowed to sleep late. I wish I could sleep later – it would save PG&E.  But as soon as I’m conscious of anything, thoughts start running across my head like jack rabbits on a football field. Next thing I know I’m wide awake, nervous for this holiday to go well, and then get the Hell out. 

A quick jaunt out with the dogs – Badges didn’t want to leave the patio, but I told him if he peed on that post one more time I’d drop kick him across the 40. Biscuit sets the pace, a quick trot, she must cover the entire back yard, nose-to-the-ground, before she will come in again. I stood out in the back yard as she disappeared into the brush along the fence, looking to rout a cat or squirrel.  Once Badges gets out there he seems to determined to irrigate everything that stands more than six inches off the ground. I waited and waited, what seemed like for-ev-er, stamping my boots to stay warm, the cold penetrating two layers of clothes like it’s nothing. 

Back in the house, the light is finally hitting the windows – I feel awake enough now to attempt that cake I promised the kids.  My husband will man the BBQ this afternoon. We’ll indulge ourselves today, and then tomorrow or the next day I’ll be writing another post about how I intend to get back into my jeans.

Merry Christmas to those of you Christians, and Good Cheer to the rest of you. 







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