Average hospital CEO makes “about a million”

Word Press gives me a list of search terms that lead people to my site. Today I see somebody is looking for “mike wiltermood salary“.  I try to please.

As far as I know, Mike Wiltermood is still the CEO at Enloe Hospital. I haven’t heard otherwise. I don’t remember how long it’s been since he and I got into our little Topix pissing match. He seemed to be the designated hit man, whenever somebody would criticize Enloe, Wiltermood would be dispatched like a torpedo, off to throw shit on that person’s reputation and undermine their credibility while completely sidestepping the issues at hand. 

Wiltermood didn’t like me going around telling people Enloe charged $7,500/day for a room. Or, half a room, that is – there’s a person on the other side of that curtain who is also paying $7,500/day. I often pointed out that Wiltermood’s salary added heavily to the cost of everything at Enloe.  He wouldn’t deny or confirm that room figure, or his salary, but kept up a rapid chatter, insinuating I was making all that stuff up. He ended the conversation with, “consider the source...” – that would be me. I don’t know what he meant by that, cause he tucked his tail up between his butt cheeks and left the conversation faster than a you could say “corporate shill”

Riddle me this: how is a question a lie?

I used to have a neighbor who was kind of a department head at Enloe – there were only two guys in his department, and the other guy didn’t want to report to management, so my neighbor did it. That meant sitting in staff meetings with Wiltermood. I asked him what Wiltermood made at that time, he said, “about a million a year.” At that time I didn’t know about the full compensation package, the benefits and pension, so I don’t know to ask if that was included in my neighbor’s estimate.

People all over California had just gone off the hook over the city manager of the little town of Bell, California making about $500,000/year. How soon we forget.

Today I happened to be comparing salaries and benefits in different counties on the http://publicpay.ca.gov/ website. I chose Kern because they happen to have filed a protest over Cal Water’s recent rake hike proposal. The highest salary in Kern County is for the CEO of their county hospital – about $998,000. Yeah, Holy Shit – that’s “about a million“, wouldn’t you say? In addition to salary, this position carries a benefits package – relatively small, only about $25,000. Which is incredible, given, I’ll assume, this person expects to collect 70 percent of their highest year’s salary in retirement. How they expect to pay for that on $25,000/year in premiums?

Is this why CalPERS is in so much trouble? I’m talking, no paddle, no canoe, raging turd filled waters, headed for Niagara Falls. 

I don’t know who covers Wiltermood’s retirement – well, duh – slap of forehead – sure I do! Anybody who is unfortunate enough to get sick in some way or have some accident and end up in the glue factory that is Enloe Hospital. 

Hopefully that rambling answer satisfied our searcher, whomever they may be.





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