Who’s in charge here?

Wow, what a day I had yesterday. I’m going to have to learn how to use roller skates.

I don’t know how I managed all of it, but at 8:33 I was sitting in a meeting of the city finance committee, listening to a report about a new online system that will allow citizens to do business without the onerous complication of human intervention.

The city was a good employer once, employing over 400 people at livable and sustainable salaries, with modest benefits. Now they’ve butchered the lower level staffers and given all the salaries to management. Look at the benefit packages some of these pigs get.


Look at page 15 – there you find our city council members and their seemingly petty salaries – look all the way to the right at the health insurance packages they get. Only one chose the cheapest package – I think that’s Vice Mayor Sean Morgan, who probably gets a very sweet package from Chico State. Some city employees – now allowed to work for other entities – are allowed to take the lesser package as a cash  payout, I don’t know if that agreement extends to council, but I’ll bet it does. The others all take packages over $15,000 a year, including Mayor Mark Sorensen, who takes a smaller package for his job as city manager of Biggs. This is a guy whose Form 700 shows he owns a business worth over a million dollars with hundred thousand or more a year in income. 

And then there’s the county –  look at all the salaries, the duplicate positions, over $100,000/year. Look  at the packages they pay less than 10 percent for.


On page 19 you will find Board of Supervisor salaries, and look there to the right at the packages they get. Those amounts indicate a pension, but I don’t know for sure. I don’t know how much supervisors pay for their packages – city councilors only pay 2 percent of their salaries, all under $10,000/year.  

Board of supervisors just voted themselves a pay raise – are these people living on the same planet as the rest of us? Not Larry Wahl, a guy who has been fined $12,000 by the FPPC for a decision regarding a political donor who he did not identify at the time of the vote. Wahl has also publicly admitted he uses his position to enrich himself – as planning commissioner he worked to get the city to acquire Bidwell Ranch because he wanted it developed. He admittedly located his UPS store at East Avenue Safeway because he said he believed, knowledge gained through a  position of public trust, that Bidwell Ranch would be developed, giving him customers lined up out the door. If that’s not using a public position to enrich yourself, I don’t know what it is.

I don’t know what to say about Maureen Kirk, except I expect her to put a shine on it from now on.  No more excuses.

And, at $269,000/year just in salary, I expect the Behavioral Health Director  to start taking homeless into her living room in Yuba City. 




2 thoughts on “Who’s in charge here?

  1. These people live in a fantasy land. When you factor in all their benefits plus salary it’s just insane considering what the average taxpayer makes here. There just isn’t a big enough tax base for this to continue.

    The county and city handed out a lot of raises and cost of living increases the last couple of years. Then you factor in other non-sense like this proposed aquatic center and you can bet they will declare war on the taxpayers next election.

    There’s a lesson in all this: Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be anything but gummit employees, and preferably bureaucrats or “public safety” employees.

    • You know, it was homeschooling my kids that brought me to the damned meetings in the first place. I thought it would be like civics class. Now neither of them has any trust of the government – I guess that’s a good thing. The older one has grown up to mind his own business, but the little one wants to be a lawyer. I believe he will do it. He wants to “put the ‘public’ back in ‘public lands’.” I said, “Follow that dream Boy!” (Elvis joke)

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