Rated R: Language! Yes there’s going to be language! Finance Committee discusses sewer fund – the you-know-what will hit the fan today


Billy Bull


As a child, growing up on a farm, I learned – where there’s bulls, there’s bullshit.

Today I am headed for an 8:30 am Finance Committee meeting. I should probably wear a rain coat, because the figurative bullshit will be hitting the fan. Today the committee will again take up the topic of developer fees, or, actually, the lack thereof. Yes, you knew it – developers have been allowed to hook up to city sewer paying small or no fees. 

But, you also knew, city staffers who have nothing to do with “poop” have been dipping into the sewer fund for their salaries, benefits and pensions. 

The sewer fund is empty, gee, what a surprise. 

When I attended the Finance Committee “workshop” back in October, Mayor and chief shit-slinger Mark Sorensen kicked cow chips in developer Pete Giampoli’s face, blaming the development community for “racking up a million a year in debt…”  Wow, that was a shocker. People in this town always identify the developers with the “conservative” candidates. Sorensen’s major campaign contributors were the cops and the developers. But I see – not all developers fall in the same pot.  Is Sorensen going after developers who didn’t support him at election time?  He sure has something up his ass.

Sorensen is desperate for money to pay down the pension deficit, is what he is.  At the “workshop” $taff reported that of a $9 million deficit for the Private Development Fund, $6 million is for pensions. But Sorensen blames the developers? 

I’m curious to see what deficit they place on the sewer fund. They move money like peas under walnut shells down there, last night they bottomed out the General Fund on it’s own $4 million (pension) deficit.   They just assign pension deficit to a fund by way of “fund allocation,” and then they pay it off! 

I’m all for paying down debt, but they will rack up more debt by the end of today. $taff costs money just standing there.   And anybody who is paying attention hears them switch constantly from “we’re in trouble!” to “we’re doing great!”

I think most people just get dizzy and turn away. I’d like to, but I see a perfect storm headed my way, and I feel the need to stay on top of the wave – I don’t want to end up like George Clooney. I didn’t sail the boat out this far, I was screaming “NO!” from the peanut gallery most of the time.

Juanita’s Perfect Storm Scenario:  The county dump is talking about eliminating their septic lagoons because they need the space for more trash. My properties are on septic tanks, which are a good system as long as you have somewhere to take your poop when your tank starts to get too full. If Butte County dump eliminates their ponds, my septic guy will have to drive out of the county to dump, and that is going to, I’ll guess, double my cost to pump. 

Now, I pump, regardless, and I pass that cost on to my tenants. What do you think, I’m running a charity operation? It’s their shit. But I know a lot of property owners who don’t pump often enough now, how often does the county think they’ll pump if the cost is doubled? 

Systems will fail, and the county can’t accommodate them, the county doesn’t have sewer lines. Everybody would have to jump on Chico’s sewer plant, like Paradise is trying to do now, and that means – “SEWER PLANT TOO SMALL! WE NEED A BOND TO ENLARGE THE SEWER PLANT!”

These idiot supervisors and city council people – they keep approving new subdivisions, knowing we don’t have the infrastructure, and then telling the rest of us we need to pay more taxes to accommodate this poor planning. They hire $taffers at outrageous salaries and give them unsustainable compensation packages. They are trying to sail us out into the middle of the ocean in a tiny, crapped out dinghy – once they get us out there, they will pass the hat to buy a bigger boat. 

I’ll get myself down to that meeting today and let you know what happens. 



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