Sun, I love you so, Baby please don’t go!

I woke up to the sound of my heater running at 5:30 am. I keep it set at 55 degrees until 6, when it is set to change to 64. So it must have got down there last night. I kept the blankets around my ears and thought about my day, my nose serving as a sentinel. When I got up at 6, the thermometer still said 59, all the surfaces in my house were cooooold. As usual, my computer chair feels like a slab.

I finally remembered to go to Big 5 and get me a new pair of Mukluk slippers. They were $5 more than last year, $20 – but it’s worth it. I knew as soon as I stepped into the last pair, I had never known true luxury. They were so squishy, it was almost difficult to walk at first, but soon my feet had made their bed.  Those slippers were true and loyal –  and damned good to find laying under the bed all dusty when I went looking for them a month or so ago.  I wear them day in and day out in the Winter, so they were shot. I waited for Big 5 to get in a new batch, and I’m telling you girls, they will disappear fast. Get in there.

I like the slip-ons, which come in several pretty designs and colors. They have booties for $25, made to look like raccoon, ears and nose and all. Apparently, grown women are allowed to be whimsical.

Slippers are a survival item around here. My husband refuses them – does he think slippers are for old men? Instead he layers on so many socks he has to peel off a couple pair to put his shoes back on. This year I will have to get over to Gates and get him a good pack of wool socks. I see the same wool socks around town, but Gates has always had the best price. Walmart also carries some good socks.  I notice, people don’t always buy themselves stuff like that, it’s true – a bag of good socks is a great Christmas present, I don’t care how corny that sounds.

I am sorry to be preoccupied with staying warm.  I wait for the sun to surround the house before I go outside to do anything. The dogs are laying on their beds in the entry, their bladders are probably about to bust, but try to shoehorn them out that door before 7am!  I don’t blame them – barefoot on concrete! EEEEEEK!  The ground feels like concrete,  crunches under our feet. At 11:00 yesterday we encountered a patch of frozen grass that hadn’t seen the sun.

When I get out there, I have  the very firm impression – the sun is leaving us.   She smiles from faaaaaar away – like your mom when she takes you to Kindergarten – but you can’t feel the warmth anymore. I can understand why the old people invented religion.








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