A Blast from the Past

The full moon hanging outside my window looks like a piece of ice floating in a glass of Pepsi. I woke up at 2:30, shivering in my bed, got up and put on another pajama top and socks. Woke again at 4am to turn on the heater. I was tempted to sleep with a hat, but thought better of it – if it’s this cold now, what is January going to be like?  I tossed and turned for another half hour, the picture of a hot cup of coffee forming in my mind.

So I got up at 4:30, watched the last half of “Thriller” with Boris Karloff, and drank a cuppa java, sitting in bed with pillows and blankets piled around me. At a quarter after 5, I ventured out to see if the furniture had warmed up yet – no, in fact, I can still feel the hard oak seat of my computer chair through two pairs of pajama bottoms and a shawl. Damn, it’s cold!


I have to remind myself – these cold days are good for the fruit trees. Apples, I’ve read, require so many days in the 30’s every year, that motivates the little darlings to put out more apples. When I realized that yesterday I went and took a pint of apple juice out of the freezer – hot apple juice is a great pick-me-up on a cold day or night. 

I spent Summer filling the freezer, but I had held myself out of it until yesterday.  I was afraid I’d eat/drink it all up before Winter was over, so I thought I should at least wait until Winter had arrived before I bust into it. I had forgotten how much I had stored in there – especially peaches.

I have bags and bags of peaches, halved and pitted, but I also found a bag of strawberries I'd bought on sale at Safeway months ago.

I have bags and bags of peaches, halved and pitted -even some pints of peach juice – but I also found a bag of strawberries I’d bought on sale at Safeway months ago. They’re frosty but when I opened the bag I was almost knocked over by the smell of fresh strawberries.

My husband, who had been too busy to realize what I was doing, was shocked when he looked in there a week or so ago.  “I need room for Dad’s cow,” he said. My father-in-law butchered a couple of steers recently, and has an ice chest full of meat for us. 

So I got to get to work on those peaches! I eat them everyday in my morning smoothie, but my son was telling me you can make some pretty incredible frozen fruit “sorbet” in a bullet blender. You blend and then you freeze a little, and then you blend again, freeze again, until you get the consistency you want. I’ll have to give that a whirl – add some yogurt – and get back to you.

I have been stripping the lemons off my Meyer’s trees because they just get ruined by this dry, cold  weather. I have bowls of them around the house, which is a nice cover for dogs, cooking odors and Wintertime flatulence.  Hot lemonade is another good cure for the Wintertime Blues. So I juice and freeze, like the apples, and next Summer, I’ll be just as happy with my lemon juice as I am now with my peaches and “storeberries”.

You know, it’s always good to be able to look ahead to something nice in the future. After last night, I think there’s a nap in my immediate future.







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