Getting ready for Winter

Well, be careful what you ask for, eh? That’s what I thought every time I looked out the window yesterday. The rain had started when I was taking the dogs for a walk, it was precisely 7am by our clock. By 4pm I wondered if it had let up for a half hour the entire day.

Our rain barrels were already full, so I attached hoses to drain them away from the house. I sure wish I had a big tank to store rainwater, I wonder what that would do to the water dynamic in town if people started installing tanks in their back yard.

I kept myself entertained in the house yesterday.  Dumping rain and mud slicks in every direction outside, I finally got motivated to do chores like,  wash my kitchen cabinets. There were spider webs strung out between the cabinets and the ceiling, knickknacks covered with greasy dust puppies, the cabinets dull except where fingers constantly polish the corners. This is the kind of job I have to be stranded inside on a rainy day to do, but wow, I always love to get it done. First I washed everything with Murphy’s Oil Soap, that didn’t take long, although I had to change the water in the sink a couple of times. Then I rubbed in a dose of Old English furniture polish – makes the kitchen shiny and the house smell lemony fresh. Which is good, because I didn’t get around to cleaning the p-traps before the storm set in.

I’ll tell you what, after that electric storm Monday (ka-BOOM!), I been thinking about the next one. My husband and I went out the other day and bought a new generator to back up our old one. We’ve had to loan out our generator at times, so we didn’t want to get caught without again.

We also bought an absolutely ridiculous size box of AA batteries – oh yeah, we had flash lights out the pa-toot last Monday, hardly a good battery in any one of them. I know – that storm was over fast, and the crews were able to get right out and fix stuff. But there’s always Next Time. And The Time After That. Don’t forget That Other Time.

Summer has finally let go, Fall halfway through, and Winter will dig her icy fingers in soon. I saw frost on my neighbor’s roof right after that last storm, so I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning out the green house for my sensitive plants. It had been too hot to spend much time inside there – just a week ago I went in to take a look, and the 3:00 sun stifled me right out the door. Now it’s cold and damp, the inside of the greenhouse offers some shelter to my little army of aloe vera plants.

I started propagating aloe vera from my original plant about a year ago, after I found out how good the sap is for my eczema, both as a salve and an addition to my morning smoothie.  They grow like crazy, and have so many shoots I have to keep dividing them into new pots.  I have so many now, I have considered selling a few, but I’m a hoarder at heart, it makes me feel wealthy to have so many.  I go out every morning and slice off a few leaves without worrying about damaging the plants, they grow so fast.

While I had started growing them for the sap, I see they’ve transformed my patio into a garden. They are beautiful, the bigger the pot, the bigger they get. A couple of them are too big to move, I’ll have to cover them with a sheet when the time comes.

At this time a week ago we had no idea what was coming. That’s going to make me paranoid all morning. 












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