Feel the magic? Turn your clock back!

Well, there that was. I’m glad I had my Stephen King book last week, because Halloween has kind of fizzled in Chico. I wonder if anybody practices “trick or treat” at night, in their own neighborhood anymore. When my husband and I took our dogs out to watch the moon rise last night our hood was dead as a door nail. I guess that’s appropriate for the holiday.

I’ve already seen the Christmas stuff in the stores – again, Halloween gets the short shrift from the commercial world. Meanwhile, I notice, more white people are practicing Dia de Muertos. Interesting.

Life seems to be going faster this year – the lemons are already ripening on my Meyers trees.

I was shocked to see them already turning bright yellow. They smell fantastic.

I was shocked to see them already turning bright yellow. They smell fantastic.

It’s nice to slice them into little cubes and have them ready for a glass of water.

The first taste of lemon of the year.

The first taste of lemon of the year.

They’re small, but there are so many some of the branches are strained. I tried to thin them earlier this year, but obviously wasn’t aggressive enough.  I use as many as I can, juicing them into pint containers for the freezer. I offer them to people, but not in overwhelming amounts, I know most people don’t have time for this stuff. I encourage my friends to eat them while they’re available, just in time for cold and flu season.

I like to squeeze a lemon into a coffee cup over a freshly crushed clove of garlic, add a dripping tablespoon of honey, and pour hot water over that.  Try it!

Last year I can’t believe I never made lemon meringue pie, not once. This year I’m going to become a better pie maker – pies are nice, you can put whatever you want in a pie. Lemon meringue is a simple pie, it really needs a good crust. My kid bought me an electric cake mixer, it’s got a dough hook on it – I think that will help, my hands are stiff, and it’s hard to do that stuff sometimes. 

One of my favorite pies, after lemon meringue, is chicken pot pie. I’ve worked on that over the years, starting out with canned condensed soup but finally learning how to put a little cornstarch in the chicken broth. Again, the crust is an important part of chicken pot pie. I’ve made it many times in a stew pot with homemade biscuits laid over the top. That’s okay, but my family liked it best when I put it in a pie crust, so I will try that again. 

I’m getting excited about Winter cooking. In Summer the trick is to get meals without heating the house. In Winter it’s all about heating the house!   

I started out this post feeling kind of sad – that post-Halloween let-down, it gets me sometimes. The old broom stick is standing in the corner, lackluster, just like an ordinary broomstick again. For a minute the magic seemed to disappear, but it’s back. Every season has it’s own magic. Summer comes on in all her sultry luster and that sweet sticky breath, makes us feel wild and free. Fall seems to drift in, floating like a leaf turning everything bright for a moment before Winter throws her starry cloak over everything, making us feel sleepy and dreamy.  Spring will awaken us with her flowery charms, like the prince in a fairy story. 

Life is magical. 






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