Book In Common, Stephen King’s “Night Shift”: only three more days to finish!

Here’s a shocker – Stephen King just bumped opting out of junk mail as the top search for my blog. 

I guess I knew King is still very popular. I know people like myself, who re-read his works again and again. All you have to do is sit in a public place with a King book and somebody will stop to talk about it. 

Like a little kid stuffed on popcorn, I have put the book aside for today. I have too many chores. I finished “Grey Matter” – oh yeah, rollicking good time had by all, cliff-hanger ending, touch of humor – all the good things about a Stephen King story. I started “Trucks,” which was later re-written as the screenplay for “Maximum Overdrive,” one of my favorite King movies. 

As I read King I recognize people I know in his characters, similarities – his characters aren’t made up, I believe he sews them together from real humans he has met and known, even just observed at a coffee shop. The characters in “Grey Matter” are funny, old fashioned guys, known each other for a long time, know what to expect. The dialog is a crack-up.  I get so attached to characters in some books I read, I miss them when I am finished with the book – I wonder, what ever happened to Danny and Wendy and Mr. Halloran?  

This morning I caught a glimpse of the full moon through the overcast sky, and I am reminded, Halloween in only three more days. I will have to get cracking on the rest of the stories! 



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