Book In Common, Stephen King’s “Night Shift”: “The Boogeyman” is too scary! On to “Grey Matter”

Okay, “The Boogeyman” was too scary. I read along, fascinated with King’s storytelling, but I would not recommend it. It’s too real. You have the very firm sensation that you are listening to the confession of a child murderer. The monster pales in light of the father’s hatefulness. I’d skip that one, but too late, already read it.

That’s okay – something that always occurs to me when I read King – I’ve known real life monsters, and I’m still sitting here.

The next story is “Grey Matter.”  I like these stories where one character is the narrator. I like the way King sets up these stories – a small town, small town people, little everyday problems – WHAM! Scary monster!  He makes it normal, like it could actually happen in your town!

The story starts out in a country style store, a local haunt, “a place for us old duffers on Social Security to get together and talk about who’s died lately and how the world’s going to hell.”  I know this one will have some comedy in it, King likes to make fun of his fellow New Englanders.

The story gets weird when a friend’s son comes in, upset, something wrong with his dad he says. The fellows listen to the boy’s crazy story, looking over the money his dad has given him to pick up a case of beer – it’s covered with some kind of stinky, grey slime…

And they’re off with a case of Harrow’s Supreme to see what the hell is going on with their friend. I smell DOOM! But I have to get to work, so I will leave it there and come back with a cup  of coffee later!


4 thoughts on “Book In Common, Stephen King’s “Night Shift”: “The Boogeyman” is too scary! On to “Grey Matter”

  1. Well here’s something scary for you. The county gooberment workers are on strike and want ten percent raises. You see the puff piece in the Wretched? Reading it we learn these servants are urchins who just can’t get by. I say fire them all. For everyone one of them there are at least three people in this county who can do their jobs and would be happy to for the current compensation.

    • Hi Bob! Thanks for saying what I been thinking – this Stephen King stuff is nothing when compared to the horrors of our incompetent and avaricious local government!

      I saw this strike coming – the higher ups make too much money, how long would it be before the lower downs got jealous and felt mistreated.

      Stephen King uses a lot of weak characters – like Jack, in The Shining – weak, easy for evil to work it’s way in.

      • Well, we’re about to see how weak our county supervisors are.

        Once the bigwigs in the county gooberment make the big bucks everyone else below them wants more.

        It eventually becomes a food fight over money and the taxpayers always lose.

      • The food fight is “compaction” – when the overlords feel there is not enough difference between their salaries and their “subordinates” salaries, the mashed potatoes will hit the air again.

        That’s what Chico Police lieutenants did, they said, because of overtime garnered by sergeants, sergeants were making almost as much as lieutenants – oh my GOOOOOOOOOOD!

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