Book In Common, Stephen King’s Night Shift: ‘Tis the season to scare yourself silly

Our dogs woke us early in the am, bark bark bark!  The moon lit up the yard like daytime. They had tree’d a little black cat. I would usually have little sympathy for the interloper who comes to crap all over my garden, but, you know, it’s almost Halloween – I wondered, was she off on some mission for her mistress? And we took the dogs into the house so she could be on her way.

Busy busy busy. Fall has fell, and everything is a mess. I want to wait for some rain to clean up, so I don’t have to eat so much dirt as I am raking my way around my tenants’ yards.  I try to move about gently, slowly, keep the dirt down around my knees, but that’s not very productive. My husband bought me a new box of masks, so I gear up with my mask and my hat and my bright yellow gloves and I’m OUT THERE!

a – CHOOO!

No, I haven’t had much time for my scary stories. Saturday night I stayed up late to catch “Dracula” with Bela Lugosi – well worth it.  Lugosi was great, every time I see him in a movie, I realize, he was a treasure. My husband thought it would be corny, but he was glued to the screen.

But I overslept yesterday morning, had to get right up and get out without reading much.  Burn Season is coming, so my husband and I went up to the hills to stack brush and rake tree debris for fire safety. I always keep track of my hours and turn that over to Butte County Fire Safe Council – they get grants based on property owners’ work, I report my hours to them every year. We have a tiny little camp spot, but our neighbors are all on 20 acres or more. They live there year round, and they depend on us to keep our little place clean so it’s not a liability. 

When we came home yesterday afternoon I was very tired, so I made a cup of coffee and sat down to read some more Stephen King’s Night Shift.   Time is winding down toward Halloween, so if a story doesn’t grab me immediately I skip it. “Night Surf” and “I Am The Doorway” had no compelling characters. Sometimes I feel King’s short stories were just practice for writing the bigger stuff, almost filler

The Mangler”  is one of King’s haunted machine stories. It seems like a practice work-up for “Maximum Overdrive“, but I liked the characters, so I read  it. The main character is a matter-of-fact cop whose friends, an English professor and a code safety inspector, convince him that a clothing folder at a laundry service has become possessed and is murdering employees. It falls apart a little at the end, but it’s fun. 

Now I am trying to decide if I want to read “The Bogeyman,” which starts out with a man confessing to the murder of his children.  It is intriguing, and now that I don’t have small children, stories like that don’t bother me so much, as long as I’m not reading them in the newspaper.

On to Gory!






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