Book In Common, “Night Shift” by Stephen King: This book still has me coming back for more

Yesterday it was all I could do to keep my mind on chores, I wanted to read my scary stories all day. So, I sat down with a cup of java or a snack in between chores – once enjoying a pot of popcorn with my husband – and finished “Jerusalem’s Lot” by dinnertime.

Perfect Halloween story People – cursed family, haunted mansion, village of the damned – and the action climaxes ON Halloween! The Victorian tone is a nice change from Stephen King’s usual style, and I will give you one spoiler – King never takes anything completely seriously.

On to “Graveyard Shift.”  Here’s that link again:

I’ve seen the movie adapted  from this book, they played it about eight hundred times on MOVIES! tv earlier this year.  I was glad to find the movie had been written by another man, it wasn’t that good. He took a lot of liberties with the plot line, without shedding any light on the mindset of the main character.  King lets us into Hall’s head, and the story takes on a deeper, less comic book tone.

Although, I did enjoy the film, especially the actor who plays “Warwick,” as well as the exterminator that was not part of the original story. Sometimes comic book is fun.

Unlike the film, the original work moves right into the dark chambers beneath the old textile mill which is the center of the story. Again with the rats – I’m starting to wonder how many of these stories will center around rat infestation, but I’m still drawn into the recesses of the cellar with this group of disgruntled mill workers. 

That’s the real story – a bunch of lowly paid and poorly treated workers, driven by their abusive boss. Their boss wants the cellar cleaned – a small if disgusting task, so he thinks…

Yeah, this story is better to read. It’s hard to do everything with special effects, sometimes your imagination is more livid than what can be produced on screen. And King creates good characters.  Something I like about a lot of his stories – he uses real people in real situations, adding the scary stuff for the twist.  Anybody who’s had to work in a crappy old building can relate to this story. 

As the days count down to Halloween, I’ll be reading my scary stories in bits and snatches, hope you will join me. 



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