I’ll do the cookin’ honey, I’ll pay the rent – I know I done you wrong!

Another dusty day, move those doggies.  I been moping around the apartment, singing, “Won’t You Come Home, El Nino, Won’t You Come Home! ”  

But yesterday Safeway had whole chickens at 99 cents a pound, that put a jiggle in my two-step.

I always feel better when my refrigerator is full.

I always feel better when my refrigerator is full.

They had strawberries and raspberries on sale too. Those will be damned nice to pull out of the freezer in February, you can bet your bootie!

The chicken has already been washed and salted and put in a zip-lock bag. It will keep like that for about three days. Each day I turn it over in the bowl, the juices work their way around. This bird will be good to the last strip of meat, we will stand at the counter picking the bones. 

I already bagged up the giblets for the dogs. I use all that stuff when I cook their food. When I was a kid, my gramma fried the gizzards and hearts and livers in a pan and then jammed it all up in some gravy. We ate it on a piece of Rainbow bread, and we felt like the frigging queen of England should be so lucky. But my married-on family, poor bastards,  doesn’t go in for giblets and gravy, how sad. So, I cook them with rice and oatmeal and the dogs whine by the door all morning. My gramps used to take a similar post by the kitchen door when my gramma was cooking giblets, he’d nose the air just like the dogs.

When Chicken has had a few days in the salt, we will either cut it in half and BBQ it usual style, or we might leave it whole and put it over a pan of water – the “indirect heat” method. 


This is also a great way to cook a whole turkey, you will find those instructions at Juancho’s BBQ also.

Once grilled, this chicken, about 5 pounds, will entertain a whole family for at least one meal and some awesome leftovers. Two old people or a single person can make it go a few days. We usually wrap the last scraps in some corn or flour tortillas. 

Safeway also had bone-in thighs on sales, $1.79/lb. Next time we do some oven-fried chicken I’ll post that.



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