Time to take a step back

Da me un beso!

Da me un beso! Every time I take another good loaf out of the oven, it’s a new beginning. 

It’s nice to have a routine, it’s comforting to have consistency. Every year at this time I think of good things to eat. 

This is a busy season. If you look over West to Glenn County you will see the dirt plumes rising to the sky – they have finished up rice and almond harvest, and they’re sweeping the walnut orchards in preparation for shaking the trees. I’ve heard some are already bringing in the shakers. 

Saturday night as we made our way over to One Mile to watch “The Wizard of Oz” at the baseball field, I could see chunks of dirt swirling in the beam of my husband’s headlamp. We went over to Shuberts and got a bag of bridge mix – reminded me, the new walnuts and almonds will be showing up at the Farmer’s Market pretty soon, and Maisy Jane’s. 

With this nice cool down, I have started to think about hot dishes,  so I made some noodles for my husband’s lasagna. He likes to make a meal that will go two nights, at the least. I’m getting pretty good at lasagna noodles – I’ve learned how big a batch of dough to make and how to divide it so the noodles come out consistent and just the right length for the pan. We’re getting this dish down.

And there's dinner for tomorrow.

And there’s dinner for tomorrow.

Yes, homemade pasta is better than store pasta, but you know, this is one of the easiest dishes to make out of boxes and cans – go for it.  You don’t even have to cook the box noodles if you put in enough tomato sauce. We wanted meat so we used up the rest of the meatballs I’d made a couple of months ago and left in the freezer. I thought that would be overkill but it was great. My husband browned them a little first and then just added them in layers.

Lately I feel so much stress from outside. There are two or three groups who have announced plans to pursue a sales tax increase. The city is looking at a garbage tax that one hauler predicted would triple our garbage rates, I’m expecting them to at least double. Cal Water and PG&E seem to be bringing us another rate increase around every corner. My kids’ college expenses have gone up, and the financial aid rules have changed in our dis-favor. 


Now a little group of gadflies has brought forward a plan for city council districts. What they leave out is, this will create a “strong mayor,” who will have veto power. There’s already been mention from critics – this will mean district offices, employees, lots more salaries. 

I feel like a pincushion!  My old roommate, Bob Winchester, used to throw one hand up to his forehead and beseech in falsetto, “Oh, hit me, beat me, make me write bad checks…”

It’s time to go inside, sit by a warm oven, sip a cup of coffee, stew it over.


















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