Venus is very bright in the morning right now.

You know it's bright when I can get it with my little digi-cam.

You know it’s bright when I can get it with my little digi-cam, even with the sun hot on it’s tail.

I was looking out the window to see if the moon was out, and for a half second I thought Venus was the moon.

The moon is supposed to be coming out very bright this month, but not til next week.

The mornings are so mellow now, I don’t have to jump up to get the bread in, slam the windows shut, monitor the AC all day. I can’t remember the last time I touched the thermostat. I don’t think we even shut all the windows yesterday. 

I knew this would happen – now that Fall is edging her way in, I’m starting to have my regrets, feeling like I didn’t get as much out of Summer as I could. I sure wish I had bought and frozen more cherries. Next year.

I HATE Winter. She’s a nasty cold bitch. She gets in my bones and makes me feel OOOOOOOOLD! Summer, even when she’s mean, is my girlfriend, she gives as much as she takes. Winter is a wretch, she comes to take, and take, and take.

I don’t know if we will get El Nino this year. We might get another dry, miserly old Winter. I never know which way to worry on Winter – will she starve us, freeze us, dry us out to a nub? Or will she flood us out? Snow us in? Never know.

I do enjoy getting out my winter bedding, and hanging winter coats out on the clothesline. This year I noticed my warm clothes were getting pretty shot.  We went to the mall to buy some new under layers the other day, and found this store called “The Choice,” where they have a lot of women’s tops on sale for $4-5 – that really nice cotton spandex mix, goes good under your sweater. I’ve already been layering – when I go to a morning meeting, it’s darned cold, but by the time it gets out, I’m shedding. 

Today I’m going to try to make a 9:30 breakfast meeting set up by Women’s League of Voters with Chico Police Chief Mike O’Brien at the Baptist Church on Palmetto. I read about it in the WLV newsletter, I think it’s open to the public because it’s a membership drive. The League needs members, this is an “observer” organization. They try to cover public meetings and watch for things like Brown Act violations, and try to get more people to participate. That takes boots on the ground. 

I have my own organization, so I don’t join anything. Mostly because I am too busy to go to meetings. But I am going to try to make this one. It’s always a matter of shoving stuff in for me, I have a lot of stuff to do, I just have to jiggle my schedule and sometimes 30  minutes falls out and I can attend something. Other days I can hardly do what I set out to do, it’s a haggle with the clock people.

I want to know what the chief is up to. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on these people. I’ll keep you posted. 

Phoebe has been out my window for an hour – work-work-work!




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  1. The summer is too hot for me and it is the most expensive season because I need to run fans all the time and the AC a fair amount. And the winter’s here are nothing compared to back east. Last winter I turned the heater on twice. Guess I am just used to cold.

    Thanks to the Demonrats electricity is outrageously expensive and it is going to get much more expensive thanks to AB32 and other things these repulsive creatures are doing.

    But one thing about the summer, maybe the heat makes people grumpier. You see Melissa Dawgtree’s cat fight with the little man? It sure is entertaining to see two vile control freaks go after each other. It’s really heated up…so to speak…this summer.

    Another nice thing…don’t know if it’s the summer…but this summer I can across wild turkeys on the bike paths a number of times. That doesn’t seem to happen other times of the year but maybe it’s just a coincidence.

    They are inquisitive birds and quite polite. Just the opposite of our obnoxious politicians and other trough feeders.

    Anyhoo, one thing I hate is buying clothes. I have a hard time getting clothes that fit. Had to buy pants today and they are always too tight or too lose, too big or too small. I finally found two pairs that fit and guess where they were made? Egypt and Nicaragua.

    I guess I can now walk like an Egyptian and run like a Contra.

    And I will need to next year when all the trough feeders attack our wallets with their tax increases.

    • You got it Bob – I think it’s where you grew up. I was raised in Glenn County without air conditioning, and while I remember being hot to the point of melting, I learned to kick it into neutral and coast, no exertion between certain hours, live from one hot flash to the next.

      Our tenants are all from elsewhere – I have a Dakotan who was saying it hardly even gets into the 90’s where he grew up. He also is concerned about our air quality, which probably really sucks compared to Dakota. I wake to the sound of his air conditioner kicking on at all hours of the night, into November. I don’t even know if he uses his heater.

      Our Bay Area people say our Summers are too hot and our Winters are too cold! The Sureno leaves his doors and windows open all year round, but gets depressed when there’s too much rain.

      In Glenn County, we had rain and flooding in Winter but it was never that cold. I didn’t experience snow until the 6th grade, when my class went to Sly Park (Pollock Pines) for a week. It snowed the last day, none of us had even heard of snow clothes, we all burned our hands throwing snow balls, it was great.

      I assume this is why I hate the cold and love the heat, even if it’s kind of a love-hate thing.

      What did I hear about AB32? I was falling asleep watching the news, maybe it was just a dream that it may be repealed. did you hear anything about that?

      I hate shopping too, but apparently not as much as my friend Jerry. I ran into him at Walmart at 8:30 in the morning, and he was fit to kill, because they’d brought in Winter clothes and taken out all their short-sleeved t-shirts. Poor bastard tries to get all his shopping done in like two trips a year. I can totally relate, but I’ve had to adapt a new shopping style – quick frequent runs out to various shopping centers/stores, hunting and gathering. That’s how I found that little shop at the mall – we were doing mall re-con, checking up on Sears and Pennys, see if they are still in business, just snooping around. The shop I found last year had gone out of business – that figures – if I can afford to shop there, they’re in trouble.

      I won’t lie – I do more of my shopping online every year. It started as a tax protest and then I found out how much better it is. Even Walmart is better online.

      Here’s how women shop – if we find something cheap we like in our size we buy like 60 of them.

      The only clothes I’ve got that are made in the USA are the hand printed shirts I get from friends – I know a few screen printers, they buy them by the box. I just got a new shirt from “Sustainable Seeds,” a garden store I stumbled into over on East 20th, and it’s not only produced in the US but made of organic cotton from Texas. Get out!

      Lucky you – I have not seen wild turkeys this year, but there was that one year they were all over our neighborhood. They would come up our long driveway and across our yard to get to the neighborhood behind us – they just kind of flap-jump right up over a fence, then over the house, it’s incredible how they can get around, really fast. They moved around in groups of a Tom and his hens, and the Tom could get pretty aggressive, like, “Are you looking at ME?” But they were quite polite, I got that.

      I got to know them well enough that I don’t use the expression “Turkey” to mean a dumb person anymore. I’m starting to think “voter” would be the appropriate insult for a real dummass.

      I hope you’re having a good day. I got caught up with friends yesterday and never made it over to visit with the Chief.

      • I didn’t hear anything about AB32 being repealed.

        What I have heard is that Brown won’t be able to get SB350 through. (At least not as it is currently written.) SB350 is AB32 on steroids.

        Even some of the Demonrats are realizing it would flat line the economy.

      • Now it’s coming back to me – it’s a group of Butte County businessmen, including ex-city council member Bob Evans, who’ve been fighting AB32, and there was some decision. I’ll look it up.

      • I’ve seen groups of four to six wild turkeys four times this summer along the bike trails.

        If you’re on a bike and you stop or go very slowly they won’t run away but stop and check you out then they go along their way.

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