What are people thinking about?

I notice when I look at the “dashboard” of the blog, people come here looking for “opt-out” information for various junk mailers more than anything else.  I get searches for this information almost every day.  “Market Value Place”, the newspaper style ad supplement that is stuffed into mailboxes every Wednesday, continues to be the Number 1 junk mailer that people want to opt-out of. 

I’m glad to say, a quick and polite note to Jenny Jurdana at the Chico Enterprise Record (jjurdana@chicoer.com) was all it took to get MVP out of my mailbox when it started to appear again a few weeks ago.  The Enterprise Record prints and distributes the Chico edition of MVP, promising their advertisers “total market saturation” by running their ads in the newspaper for subscribers and then sending MVP around once a week to everybody in town who does not subscribe to the Enterprise Record. So, be sure to e-mail Ms. Jurdana and get your name off the list, it’s worth the five minutes or less it takes to send the e-mail. 

Killing your lawn is another popular topic. I’ve been working on a big, hot sunny stretch of my yard, and boy is it dead. It’s not moving too fast because I’m busy with other chores and other things I need to spend money on besides bark. I wish sometimes I had gone through the trouble to go with Cal Water and get a rebate, but I’m convinced I would have had to spend a lot more money to get them to kick in, and I can’t justify the expense right now. So, I’m just letting sections die, and going about rehabilitation as I get to it. My yard looks shabby, but it’s getting better! 

In shady areas, I’ve decided to rehabilitate the grass. In those sections we don’t get so many of the sticker weeds. Sticker weeds seem to thrive in that hot burning sun, on nothing but moisture in the air, apparently. I get barrel clover plants bigger around than a serving platter in spots where the ground is so hot and hard you’d be tempted to fry an egg. But in shady areas I notice, the grass just dies and leaves dirt, which turns into dust and gets all over everything by way of the dogs. Dust is maybe not as bad as stickers, maybe, but I am tired of breathing it, and I’m not looking forward to having it as mud everywhere in Winter.  So, today I started watering those areas, raking up the leaves and debris. I’ll put them on a watering schedule and watch how fast the crab grass streams in to fill those dirt patches. By next Spring I hope to have a nice lawn there. It really doesn’t take much water, this drought hysteria is starting to go up my ass.

I like blogging because I meet the nicest folks.  I got a nice tip from  a reader about getting my will done. I’d written a blog about it and started to update it but hadn’t gotten around to getting it signed. I was thinking about getting it notarized to save my kids a lot of time and trouble in the Probate process. I’m still working on that. This reader sent me a link to a form that helps me organize all my assets – something that’s not covered in a simple will – really helpful. Just a list of your bank accounts and other stuff your heirs need to know, even burial instructions.

I’m not really obsessed with Death, but it comes across my mind whenever I’m on a bicycle. Pedaling off to and home from a city finance committee meeting this morning, I was shocked how bad traffic, and DRIVERS, are getting here in town. I had two run-ins with people who came right into my lane making turns, that’s always a shock for the both of us – the look of horror on one woman’s face is etched in my retina. I hope she sees the profanity I was mouthing at her for the rest of her life. When my husband and I did errands in our car later in the morning, the speeding and cutting off was even worse. People were DLA – Driving Like Assholes. On 8th Street we saw the remains of an accident, two cop cars sitting at the scene, the cops casually chatting as a disabled car was being dragged onto a tow truck.  Why does it take four salaried individuals to supervise the clean-up of an accident on a city street? When we watched the noon news we saw there’d been a pretty bad mash-up over on Cohasset, with a driver having to be cut loose of the car.

This is what former city staffer Tom Varga told us was going to become common place with development. Here we are – traffic will never get better in Chico, it’s only going to get worse and worse. Get ready for the kind of delays that have become every day life in the Bay Area, where San Francisco was recently voted the third worst traffic city in the United States, even worse than New York City. All we can do is try to be kind to each other, but I predict the animal behaviors will get worse as traffic gets more dense.

We have a lot of people living here who commute out of town every day to their jobs, and more moving here every day as council permits every subdivision that scurries across the dais. That can’t be good for our quality of life, which, according to Chico Chambress Katie Simmons, is the No. 1 reason businesses choose to locate here. What businesses?

Ah, Quality of Life – isn’t that all any of us wants? Some of us just demand more or different “quality” than others. I think some people demand inequality, because they want to feel better than others. I feel better when everybody is happy. 





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