Good Ship Chico is headed for the rocks – grab your dinghy!

I been sleeping in the last couple of days, and this morning as I get back into my regular routine, it’s dark outside. 

The stars are bright, the moon has gone to bed.  Orion stands clear of the horizon, beckoning his dogs. The freeway wails like a hungry monster. Maybe he’ll kill it and drag it like a giant serpent back to Olympus.  Cut it’s head off!

I feel the air quality in my nose and throat – sneeze, sniffle, hawkawad – and boy can you see the stuff as you drive down into town from the foothills. It looks like The Fog. 

yeah, here’s the plot line, with my sincere apologies to John Carpenter. A bunch of taxpayers trust a pile of elected officials and their hired staff to steer the city ship to safety. There’s a mutiny, the crew takes all the money and leaves the taxpayers stranded on Beer Can Beach. Every four years the taxpayers rise up in what could only be described as a fog,  to terrorize the elected officials, cull some staffers, and leave Duffy’s in a heap (sorry Doug). They elect some new elected officials, but forget to keep an eye on them, and wake up the next morning on Beer Can Beach, with a malicious hangover.

I said I was sorry! Don’t shoot me, I’m only the piano player. And I never said I could play the piano.

I have a lot of chores this week, but I’m scraping out a little space tomorrow morning to go and keep an eye on the crew. There’s a Finance Committee meeting, 8:30 am, Conference Room 1. I like those early morning meetings – get it over with, knowhatimean?  But it’s going to be chock full of outrageous stuff, they’re talking about a scam by which $taff can automatically raise their own pay. Every time a bell  rings, pretty much. Up to $10,000 without council approval? Wow, wish I could get in on that. 

Oh yeah, ha ha, I am in on it – I PAY for it!

Dammit I want to make somebody walk the plank, when do I get to make somebody walk the plank? 








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