New utility rates – it pays to be a pig!

We got our Cal Water bill the other day – bad news! We’re 6 ccf over frigging budget! I just about had a stroke. I gave up my 5,400 gallon Intex pool – what the hell more do these people want!?!  

My husband reminds me, 5,400 gallons is only about 8 ccf’s. We filled the pool and there it sat. We took good care of it, adding fresh water only when the water level was down. So, he had warned me, don’t expect a ticker tape parade. But that stinks – we cut our usage over the same period last year, but we didn’t cut it as much as they wanted us to. 

And here’s the real kick in the pants – my bill also includes a WRAM charge – “Water Rate Adjustment Mechanism” – because I didn’t use enough water to meet Cal Water’s operating costs, so they charged me more on top of the penalty.

What kind of Mad Hatter Tea Party is this!?!

But now you’re going to laugh – our budget is bigger for next month, cause we used more last July. Oink, oink, oink – I told you, it pays to be a pig in this economy.

You realize, that PG&E rate increase, the new structure by which they will charge the lesser user more, has also just recently kicked in. Again, it pays to be a pig.

It’s better to be a pig than a sheep, that’s for sure. 



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