Opt out of Market Value Place – it’s only good for three years, but it’s worth it!

Oh, how the time flies! It’s already been three years since I “opted out” of the weekly mailer, “Market Value Place,” and I have ended up on the list again.

Look at this thing!

What a mess! To think this was trees not long ago.

What a mess! To think this was trees not long ago.

I think it’s gotten bigger since I saw it last. And look, those are the same little grocery store ad rags available at the grocery store, as you walk in. They’re blanketing the Earth with dead tree pulp – where’s the “Ad Rag Ban”? 

Just kidding. I have no problem with advertising, except when it’s stuffed into my mailbox. This ginormous wad is WEEKLY.

If you’ve been through this with me before, please bear up for those who are new to the conversation. “Market Value Place” is printed and distributed by daily newspapers in towns all over California – maybe all over the US, I don’t know. Here’s the evil part: they buy the list of addresses from the county recorder, and they target those addresses that do not subscribe to the newspaper. See, when they sell the ads that pay for their ink and pulp, they promise their clients “total market saturation.” You are the market. Saturating the market means getting every one of “you” out there. They get their subscribers (and I’m guessing that’s less than a third of Butte County) every day with the newspaper. They get the rest of us every Wednesday with “Market Value Place.”

I’ve had some angry reactions here – maybe you saw the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer filled his mailbox with cement to keep out the junk mail. People have commented here that this pile of dead trees has filled their mailbox to the exclusion of their regular mail. They’ve expressed disgust with the waste and the environmental degradation. They’ve ranted and raved about their frustration in trying to make it stop. I’ve been glad to offer the opt-out information, because I went through so much frustration trying to get it in the first place.

Opt out of “Market Value Place” – send a polite e-mail to Jenny Jurdana, at jjurdana@chicoer.com and ask that your address be taken off the mailing list.

So I took my own advice and e-mailed Jenny,  hoping she’s still there to cheerfully comply with my request. I’ll keep you posted.


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