Just ramblin’!

What a bee-U-ti-ful morning!

I’m going to guess, that’s the end of this hot spell, I don’t think we’ll get a streak like that again this year. I hope not, it has been taking a toll on my garden. My poor peaches – I didn’t even want to take a picture.  My yellow peach trees were so strained, the fruit was mostly about the size of a big ping-pong ball. They’re very sweet, but mostly pit. Yesterday I halved, pitted, and put most of them in one freezer bag, the nicer ones I left on the counter for eating. The white peaches fared better, and they’re still ripening, but not very big.  Oh well, had a bumper crop last year, can’t expect that every year.

I have a million grapes, but they’re also small. I saw a piece on the Bay Area news, a grape farmer was saying, in drought years, the fruit is smaller but sweeter. So far mine are not ripe but a taste here and there says they will be good. 

Summer’s like one of those women  – she comes on strong, then she gets lazy.  A sexy kind of lazy, all slow and friendly.  First she blows into town wanting to kick everybody’s ass, and then it’s, hey, can’t we all be friends and shit?  You want to buy me a drink?

Town seems pretty dead, like the old days before air conditioning, when everybody picked up for the hills or the coast. The air conditioner next door was pronounced dead about mid-June, and the entire household of 20-somethings packed up and left. Every now and then somebody comes in to check the mail, but they’ve essentially abandoned the place, and I don’t blame them. It sits in the pitiless sun, not a tree on the property, it must be like a dutch oven in there. 

Our sycamores, despite a couple of waterings a month, are losing their leaves about a month ahead of schedule. Tiny new leaves try to form, but I think they are falling off faster than they’re growing. This is a dilemma – that tree covers my tenant’s house almost entirely in the late afternoon, as well as the driveway in front of our apartment. We really count on those trees in Summer, it’s going to be a hard August without them. The big cedars in front are looking dry, I’m going to have to water them good this week. I’m afraid my water usage is actually going to go up, but I can’t lose the trees. I always worry – in this heat, does it do any good? But I look at my neighbor’s row of standing dead redwoods, and I keep watering. 

One of the best places to cool off in town is the library.  I was sorry to hear, the county supervisors chose to fund pot raids over the library. Larry Wahl and Maureen Kirk act like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth – they voted to boost code enforcement for the pot raids, they knew they had limited resources, they knew they’d have to get that money somewhere. In fact, the county is finally starting to follow the city – short of reserves, complaining about not having enough money to keep the library open? The county workers have cast a jealous eye on Chico salaries, and they want that bling too! Get ready for the ugly truth – Butte County is on the verge of financial problems, that will come out before the 2016 elections. 

That was the last time I’ll support Maureen Kirk for District 3. I’ve tried to talk to Maureen about the management salaries at the county, but she keeps telling me they’re justified, even though she admits they  take all the money and the lower paid positions are hard to fill. She gets almost $60,000 for the supe job, plus benefits. I’ve never gotten around to asking her if that includes a pension. She’s woefully out of touch with her constituents, wouldn’t know what it’s like to live on less than $40,000/year, and frankly doesn’t care. She’s afraid to hold community meetings in the hills because she  doesn’t know anybody up there, and believes all the stereotypes about mountain dwellers. That’s her fault. I have to tell her – if you can’t stand the hillbillies, get the hell out of District 3 Maureen.  Maybe that district should  be redrawn?

I live in District 3, and I actually own a property in the hills. If somebody offered to pay for the campaign I’d run in a heart beat. But, Maureen raised the bar when  she ran against Bertagna way back when – they took the spending up by about $20,000 over previous elections, out of the reach of the average person. Democracy just ain’t the gal she used to be, and she’s turning into more of a snob every  day.

A fine cup of coffee under my belt, and I’m ready to get out there and get some work done.






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