Be a good neighbor this year, keep your “safe and sane” down to a dull roar

As a dog person I am so conflicted about July 4th. Yeah Baby, I love America, I love Independence, I love shooting a gun and blowing shit up – but my dog hates those noises.   I end up babysitting her, not just for a few hours, but for days leading up to and a day or so after the 4th. 

One pop and she’s smashing on that front door, budging past me and up the apartment stairs so fast you’re asking, “what was that black streak?”  She crawls under the dining table and don’t go under there after her or you will be greeted with a set of shiny white teeth.  That’s why they call a female dog a bitch, are you getting that?

At least she doesn’t bark without end, like our old boxer Venus. Venus really got upset over fireworks. I found, she would sit for patriotic music, so we’d go into the bedroom with all the windows shut and the air conditioner running full-tilt-boogie and watch Robert Conrad and the Marine Orchestra for a couple of hours. 

Biscuit even recognizes those shipping bubbles, she hates them – pop-pop-pop!  We used to enjoy those but now I take them out of her sight and cut them open with scissors before I throw them in the can. 

In years past we’ve had some “Safe and Sane” fireworks anyway. I usually sit inside with Biscuit tucked securely under the dining table while my husband and our kids and a gaggle of friends go out to our back lot, where we dumped some cement “slobbers” during the pouring of our foundation, and set off a few Picolo Pete’s or whatever, burn a few sparklers. But we’re not doing that this year, it’s not safe or sane during this kind of weather. The trees around our house are incredibly dry, our neighbor has let a row of young redwoods die standing, so it’s too dangerous to be fun.  It’s way more fun for New Years, with the ground wet. We have got in the habit of saving our fireworks to blow up the gingerbread house we make for Christmas, it’s fun as heck!

Try to be a good neighbor this year Folks.  





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