A new twist on an old saying; time to build yourself a “relaxation station”

Red sky at morning, air quality warning.

Red sky at night, close those windows up tight!

Driving home from Forest Ranch the other day, we could see the valley is full of junk. This morning the sunrise over Chico was a brilliant pink. Yes, it was absolutely gorgeous. Years ago, my college chemistry teacher, Mr. Killjoy, told us, that’s the reflection from all the chemical and particulate pollutants hanging in the air. 

I live next to the freeway. At 5:20 this morning, I heard it “switch on”. I mean, one minute it is so quiet you can hear one car coming in from Gridley. And  then, as if a switch has been flipped, the noise begins to pick up. Within minutes it’s like the rolling roar of the ocean, getting a little louder here and there as a big rig careens through town, trying to achieve enough speed for his mandatory fuel burning device to work, without getting so hot it catches fire.

Where’s Arthur with that coffee pot?  Arthur!

We slept with the windows shut last night, cause it was too hot to open them at bed time, and we were too tired to wake ourselves up at midnight to do it. So, at 5am, I bounced up and ran around opening windows. There she was, scratching to get in – Miss Delta Breeze.  Delta Breeze is like a hooker – she’s pleasant and sweet but you never know where she’s been or what’s she’s picked up.  A lot of this air gunk we’re suffering right now has hitch hiked up here from Stockton and Sacramento, riding the Delta Breeze – sounds like an excursion train!  When she’s wrapping herself around your shoulders after a 100+ day, you don’t care where she’s been or who she’s been hanging around with.

I don’t have anything on my “to-do” list for today, which isn’t saying I don’t have plenty to do, it just means I got too busy yesterday to make a list for today.  That’s a break-down in my get-along, cause there’s so much stuff to do around here, I need the list just to get organized. You know, when you have chores in every direction, it’s hard to move one way or the other.  I really want to move in the direction of my hammock. No matter how bad the air quality or the heat gets, I have to get outside.

I bought this hammock last year.  I was feeling like I needed to get off my feet more often, and get my husband off his feet more often.   So I took all the change out of my husband’s dresser tray, ran it through the Coin Star machine at Safeway, and got an Amazon.com gift certificate. I found a lot of great hammocks on line.

I got the idea from my nephew Asa, who has a really nice Columbia canvas hammock that folds into a backpack to be carried everywhere. He likes to post pictures of himself, lounging around here and there, including a nice spot way up in Upper Park. I realized, this child had a genius idea.

I got the yard model, but it unhooks, and you can take it from one spot to the next, just not as easy to carry as Asa’s canvas model. It’s pretty, makes an attractive addition to my white-trashy yard.  And, OMG, it’s absolutely fabulous. 

I was talking to Dave over at Safeway about it. He was on the same page – he and his wife are building a “relaxation station” in their back yard, the main component being a hammock. I have found, guys named “Dave” always seem to be so pulled together. 

But, like me, Dave admits, he finds it hard to make time to use his relaxation station. Me too – I think I’ve actually laid in my hammock three times since my husband strung it up last week.  Unfortunately, laying in the hammock, I can see right into our little shed that needs a serious cleaning. Hmmm. 

So, here’s my plan. When I’m laying in the hammock, I’ll be plotting my next move on that shed. 

Is that Type A behavior? 

Well, Arthur seems to have vanished, I guess I will have to make my own coffee.





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