Happy Father’s Day!

I want to get up earlier these days so my husband bought me a new electric alarm clock. When I wake  up in the middle of the night it looks like Satan is staring at me from the bedside table. The good  news is, the buzzer is so annoying, after only three or four days, I am waking up exactly five minutes ahead so I can turn it off.

And they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

I was using the stove timer, but had got so used to jumping up in my half-sleep, turning it off, and smashing my hip on the kitchen counter as I made my way back to bed, I decided I needed to outwit myself and get a new alarm.  I’m always trying to outwit myself and then figuring me out, it’s a regular merry-go-round of deception here.

In summertime, as you have heard, it gets so raging hot around here, we have to do some things in the wee hours. Baking is something you do before 9am. 

Who dat? Who say who dat? Who dat who say who say who dat?

Who dat? Who say who dat? Who dat who say who say who dat?

I got a bowl of dough rising on the counter, I took the dogs for the usual daybreak hike around the back 40, now I’m nursing my first cup of coffee, feeling my sinuses crack open like breaking ice. Ahhhhh, First Day of Summer. There’s a smell to it. Yeah, manure. They’re fertilizing the orchards out west of town. 

My husband and I have been work-work-working. Today he is sleeping “late” – I have instructions  to get him up by 7:00 so we can get in our truck and head for the hills. The Butte County Fire Safety Council made one more sweep through Forest Ranch with their chipper crew. Residents made a record effort this year, and the Fire Safe Council won an award. Now there are piles of chips up there, and we have friends who thank us for taking them. I load them into empty garbage cans and planter buckets and bring them back down here to use as a weed block around my yard.  They look and smell very nice.  With little attention – pull weeds in spring – they will last for several years before they start to compost into the soil. 

 Well, time to get that bread in.





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