We are hot!

This picture says everything you need to know about June in Northern California.

This picture says everything you need to know about June in Northern California. Kris Kuyper was reporting 106 – this thermometer sits on the east side of my house well out of the reach of the sun. I’ve compared it to other thermometers new and old, and it’s never failed me. This is the truth – it was 110 degrees at 4:13 pm on my patio in midtown Chico.

My husband reminded me yesterday – last year we had about five days straight of triple digits right off the bat, then mostly 90’s through the rest of Summer. I was peevish with the heat, I said, “So? Is that supposed to cheer me up?” I had sweated through a couple of pairs of skivvies already that morning, and I was standing directly under a ceiling fan with sweat pouring off my neck.  “Yeah,” he said, “you’ll see. This is reeaaally bad, you’ll appreciate the 90’s after this passes.” 

I was trying to visualize myself as a watermelon sitting in a refrigerator.   He said, “let’s take a drive up the hill, you’ll see.”

Now there’s the ticket. Forest Ranch is only about 15 or 20 minutes away, and as soon as you get to the store, you’ll see what my husband was talking about. The air temperature there is generally at least 10 degrees cooler. Yesterday it was 93 at the store, 89 by the time we passed Stage Road. Yeah, I know – 89 and we were rolling down the windows and hanging our heads out the side of the car like a couple of dogs.  That feels good when it’s 110 in town. 

It really does feel better up there. We stopped to sit on a big rock under a tree, and the breeze was light and fine. 

I’ve been getting up at 4:30 and 5am, just can’t sleep. Last night we left the windows shut, and I woke up to open them at 4am. It’s so nice, for a couple of hours in the morning, that breeze feels like liquid ice. Until about 7am, when I make my way around the apartment shutting everything up tight, putting the foam core in the window. Today we’re cutting the rest of the core we bought to make a similar block for my son’s window, which faces West. Yesterday I walked into his room, and as I passed through his open  door I felt a block of hot air hit my face and swarm around my shoulders.   Our thermostat is right next to his door, so of course it sets off the air conditioner, but his room never seems to get any cooler. 

Excuse me for being so fixated with the heat – that’s what we talk about around here right now. I’ve got a lot of Chico Taxpayer issues on my mind right now, but it’s hard to think about anything for long without being distracted by a stream of sweat running around my ear.  Time to go out and enjoy what’s left of the morning.



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