How are you doing on your water budget?

I have been trying not to talk about “The Drought” because it just pisses me off to no end that people are being so hysterical, allowing behavioral modification mandates, acting as though we are being sucked into the sun. You’d think nobody had a attention span for more than a year at a time.  Ch 12 weatherman Kris Kuyper even reminded us a few weeks ago – historically, these dry periods are followed WHAM-BAM with very wet winters, flooding, and higher incidences of unstable weather like those tornadoes that come along every so many years and rip out a few rows in Grandpa’s orchard, knock a few chimneys off houses. Remember that hailstorm that caused so much damage to roofing – because it came after a dry spell, when roofs are brittle.

You know rates will not go down when the rain starts falling, and Dairyville is an island, and we’re all wondering when it will stop. They will continue to raise rates to cover their unfunded pension liability, which was what they told us in that first notice about two years ago. It’s all about their exorbitant employee expenses, not our usage.

Here’s a word that is finally raising some hackles around here – WRAM!  I’ve been over that one so many times, I don’t even want to discuss it.

I’ll talk about my rain barrel though – I had a full  barrel from that last rain, and I been doling it out pretty stingy on my shade garden and container plants. But, as soon as the mercury went over 100, I realized I  better get rid of my rain water pretty fast. I was watering my porch containers with a watering can full of it when I noticed it had gone P-U skanky. Badges, who usually follows me around, lapping at the water as it comes out of the can, wouldn’t touch it. He smelled it and gave me a funny look, then walked away. I won’t be watering my porch plants with it anymore, cause now they stink, but I’m trying to use it on things around the yard as fast as I can without wasting it.

I hate the new mandates, but who can help conserving. I was raised that way, for one thing, and for another, I have watched Cal Water take  rates up from a flat 55 cents a ccf to this new tier system – 10 ccfs at about 92 cents each, the next 21 ccf at almost 99 cents each, and so on. At tier 3 you’re already over a dollar – and here they tell us, they need to punish us for using more?  

I’m not that worried about penalties, because they happen to be basing my water “budget” on 2013, when I was a bourgeois pig. We had the old Intex pool back then, and we watered more of our yard, more often.  Last year our pool, God Bless, took a crap, and now we’re down to the old horse trough, which we empty out onto our landscaping in lieu of using fresh water, so I really don’t think that’s going to make much of a blip on the old radar. We’ve also killed a big section of our yard, dead, kaput, stickers and rocks.  So, I was not too surprised when we got our water bill, and found we were 32 ccf’s under budget for this recent billing period. 

What I can’t figure out, is how they base the “budget”. It’s not 32 percent less than what we used in 2013, that’s all I can see.  And, I wonder – why does my budget go down from a generous whopping 62 ccfs for May, to a kind of excuse me – chintzy – 42 ccfs for June? Looking at my bills for 2013, I just don’t get that.  Course that’s still more than I been using lately, but I just have to wonder how they come up with this stuff.  Dealing with these shysters, you better wonder about everything. 


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