Thank you for giving me the chance to say “Thank You!”

People think I’m just bitchy all the time – am not, am not! This morning I woke up feeling all Teletubbie cheerful. It’s Bread Day – with my son home from college for Summer, I am making a loaf of bread every other day again. It’s a nice routine, helps me keep track of the days, keeps everything else on schedule. 

On Bread Day, I try to get the dough ready by 6:30 or 7am, so I can get it rising and get it baked by 9am. Today I was right on schedule, had the dough rising on the counter, with a chance to get out in the garden while I was waiting to form it into a loaf and pop it in the oven. When it starts getting hot around here, scheduling is everything. 

So, I was standing in my kitchen window dumping out my coffee filter in the compost bucket, when I see my new neighbor come trotting out of her house, followed by her old yellow lab, across my driveway and over to my fence, where she pointed her dog a spot to take a nice fluffy dump. This routine has always annoyed me – this rental has a fenced yard but tenant after tenant has routinely sent their dogs onto my property to go to the bathroom. They act like it’s okay. What do you think? 

And here’s the cherry on top – standing there in a kimono that barely made it over her South Fork, she leaned forward and put her eyeball up to a knothole in my fence, taking a nice look at my private yard and patio. She’s off the road on my private easement – would she do this if she was right out on a public street? 

What do you think of this behavior? Honestly – I can’t believe it. I’d like to hear what she’d say if she saw my eyeball pressed up against the fence along her back yard. What  the hell is with people?

One of my favorite reads is “Oh Rotten Gotham: Sliding into the Behavioral Sink,” by Tom Wolfe. Wolfe chronicles the adventures of proxemics expert Dr. Edward T. Hall as he observed the American species in various public social situations. He told us that people need their space, they need their privacy, and when they don’t get it, they exhibit aberrant behaviors.  I would call “bitchiness” an aberrant behavior because I don’t really want to be a bitch, it’s really not me. I resent being forced to be a bitch.

So, when I get a chance to say something nice, I will. I’m happy to report, I received my Utility Tax rebate from the city of Chico yesterday, less than two weeks after I’d dropped it at the Finance Office. They also mailed back all the utility bills I gave them, postage paid. Of course, they could have paid me when I brought the stuff in, it was less than $100. I only had 12 bills to review, and I’d been careful to highlight the pertinent amounts in pink ink. But, the staffer very nicely told me, they review those on Fridays, and send them out on the next mail day. I didn’t ask him about the mailing schedule, I hate to be a pest to a guy who is just doing his job, and gets paid a dinky fraction compared to the talking heads who make the pencil-pusher rules. So, it was probably reviewed the very next day, and sat in the “OUT” box for the next week or so.

But, I’ll also say, last year it took them about two months. You know I griped about it here, and they don’t like that. Well, I’m sorry, but it’s my right as a beaten down American taxpayer to bitch about public workers who don’t do their jobs. Like my Grandma would  say right now, “If you can’t stand the heat don’t read my blog!”

But, since they got me my rebate in a timely manner this year, I’ll say, “Thank You!” Go ahead and call me a bitch but nobody can say I don’t say “Thank You!” 





2 thoughts on “Thank you for giving me the chance to say “Thank You!”

  1. You hit it square on the head! There is something wrong with people. The older I get, the worse it seems. I had to laugh about the hole in the fence. It reminds me of a joke. I’ll probably butcher it, but here goes. “This guy is walking by a mental institution when he hears a crowd of people behind a fence chanting “NINE, NINE, NINE!!!!”. Curious he sees a knot hole in the fence and leans into it to take a peek at whats going on. As he presses his face against the fence, a guy on the other side pokes him in the eye with a stick. “TEN, TEN,TEN”.

    You need a stick.

    • Thanks for saying so Dave. My dad always told me, “people will push you as far as you let them.” My husband and I went out and replaced all the old “No Trespassing” signs with bigger, redder, meaner looking ones, and changed the “No Parking” sign to a “Parking Prohibited, Violators Will Be Towed” sign. We got really good, metal, professional looking signs online for pretty cheap, better signs than we were able to find at local hardware stores. No more staples, we bought big old bolts and put them on there good and tight.

      If they don’t get the message, well, I got something worse than a stick – God help them they should get a load of me in my bikini, I think they will be damned sorry, possibly go blind.

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