Get a plan now – those three digit temps are right around the corner

In past I’ve posted pictures of my beautiful Intex swimming pool. Goddess, I loved that thing. It was my big Blue Lagoon, a refuge from the NorCal heat, a respite from the endless sweaty dusty yard work that comes with being a landlady. And, a good work out  – it was actually big enough to swim in. Here’s the link to Intex pools:

That’s my old pool, the 16 footer. I had that baby for about 8 years.  My husband and kids would drag it out of the shed, where we kept it in a couple of giant size Keepers, and flop it out on the lawn about the end of May, have it up and full within an hour. It has a filter pump on it, so, if you pay attention, you can keep the water clean without having to dump and refill the thing. In the beginning we would actually empty and refill it a couple of times a summer because we didn’t know how to keep the chemical balance, had trouble keeping out the algae. But, after we figured that out, we were able to keep it nice and fresh all summer, only adding water when it seemed to be getting a little low.  At one point we bought a new filter and motor, the newer one was an improvement and that helped too.

Here’s the funny thing – this pool only holds about two ccf’s of water – that’s less than $5 worth of water. But, we were still careful.

We’d had another, smaller one we’d got at a yard sale for $25. Our kids and their friends played in that for a couple of years. When it got a hole my husband took a Band Aid off his leg and stuck it over the tiny pinpoint – it stayed there until we emptied the pool, believe it or else. The following year we used a piece of gaff tape.

These pools will rot in the sun, that’s for sure. After 8 summers of bliss, we were taking the pool down last Fall when tragedy struck – the inflatable ring that keeps the sides afloat just ripped apart, the sides of the pool started to rip, the whole thing just went to pieces right before my husband’s eyes. I witnessed the horrible aftermath from my kitchen window – the water just rolled out over the sides and flooded our patio.   Too bad we did not have the camera rolling for “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

I was shocked, but I didn’t cry as I would have expected. It’s true – I was the only one who even used the damn thing anymore. I had to coax my husband to get in, he prefers the hot tub. And, we’d observed, we’d spent two entire Summers without setting foot in a natural body of water – in Chico, that’s blasphemy. Before the Intex, we’d set off in search of swimming holes almost weekly. The pool made it too easy to stay home all the time. 

But, no kidding, that pool had a very practical purpose – when it’s 105 around here, Old Landlady still has to go out in the sun and do yard work. People don’t believe me – I do my yard work in an old pair of my husband’s swim trunks and a hand-me-down  t-shirt, and when I feel that stoke coming on, I get in water. When I worked at my rental here at home, I’d have the option of getting into the pool, which was an instant cure. I could stay outside well into the hardest part of the day using that pool. Now I have to go back to my “be in by 10 am or be dead” schedule. My tenants are going to be seeing my backside in their yard a lot earlier in the morning. 

Sprinklers are a nice cool-off, but you know, with this drought, I will be running my sprinklers in the middle of the night so the granny police won’t catch me. 

I have a plan. Wait til you see, you are going to laugh so hard. 





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