Gardening’s fun, but I hope you’ll take time for some public business – Local Government Committee meeting today, 3:30, City Hall, Conf Rm 2

These dainty pink flowers match the sky at sunrise.

These dainty pink flowers match the sky at sunrise.

I have to post a picture of this gorgeous hollyhock in our garden – this is the first one we’ve had for years that managed to make it more than a couple of feet tall. They’ve been infested with weevils – that rhymes with “evil” – tiny beetles with long snouts, they hatch out of the roots as soon as the frost is past and climb right up the plant to insert their little snozzils deep into the stem and suck the life out of every bud  before it can even turn into a flower. Evil!

This year I decided I was going to get some flowers. For a couple of months now I’ve marched straight out to the garden at first light and examined the growing stalk, squishing every beetle I could find. They’re wily little suckers, as soon as they sense your presence, they just dive straight for the ground. Probably takes them about five minutes to climb to the top again! But I come out the next morning, and I gently peel back little leaves, and there they are – SQUISH!

At first I’d find dozens of the little freeloaders, and several would always get away. But, over the last few weeks, I’d only find one or two, and lately, none. The anvil will outlast the hammer!

I like to watch my local government like I watch for bugs in my garden – PESTS!   Today I will mount Old Myrt, my 1956 Raleigh Superbe, and go Downtown for the “Local Government Committee” meeting. This is a good meeting because the committee is made up of representatives from each local agency, and they talk about all the projects before the local boards. It’s a 3:30 meeting – that’s a good time for me, done with chores, dinner set up and ready to go when I get home. Should be over before dark, which is important these days. 

Like Ralph Nader said, “Get turned on to politics, before politics turns on you.” They will be  discussing a range of subjects, but two I’m interested in are the waste hauler franchise (Garbage Tax) and the county behavioral health department’s new facility in Chico. I’ll be looking for you!


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