Marooned, Part II – good news – Garden still standing, Backyard Barbershop, Merry Standish to the rescue

Wow, look at this lettuce my husband found in the garden this morning.

Nice salad for dinner tonight.

Nice salad for dinner tonight.

When the greenhouse got too hot for my aeroponic lettuce, I set some plants out in a box in the garden. I expected the bugs to get  them right away, that was the first surprise. I expected the stormy weather to pummel them into the dirt, that was the second surprise. And then I’ve expected these last few days of higher temps and bright sun to burn them out, that was the third surprise. We’ve been getting a colander full of crisp, tasty leaves every other day or so.

I’m sitting here listening for that wind, I keep wondering – when will it go? Kuyper says it’s hanging around a few more days! And the temps are going up – hot, dry North wind! 

Again, Welcome to Northern California. 

When I think back over the last few summers in my memory, none are the same. One Summer it was so rainy and cloudy in June, our garden didn’t take off right away – we didn’t get our first tomato until August. We got hardly any that year, nothing for the sauce pot. We bought canned tomatoes that Winter – yech, how the other half lives!

Yesterday I got a hair cut – my husband takes me out in the back yard and gives me a shearing with the “Hair Cut Kit for Dummies” we bought at (chorus) Walmart. He’s getting good, got the side burns even this time, no skid marks. Last time Badges jumped up on my lap at a crucial point and I got a big skid mark over my right ear, took it forever to grow out. Like anybody cares – my husband works to please himself, he says I look younger and healthier with short hair. When my hair gets too long my old turtle face starts to shrivel up under it – I look like Bitter Beer Man. Today I feel all fresh and young again –  high and tight!

I’m trying to sit here for five minutes and not think of anything negative. After a CARD meeting last night and the city Finance Committee agenda I found shoveled into my e-mail box this morning, it’s uphill all the way.  This is helpful:

Yeah, I know – LaPado is dead – he will not be available for the upcoming Red Bluff gig. Dry your tears, the rest of the gang will be there. 

Aaron Standish hosts a stand-up comedy showcase at The Red Bluff Elks Lodge on Friday,  April 24th at 8pm. 
“Unhireable” is an intimate,  limited seating evening of stand-up featuring three of the best comedians from the Chico Comedy Scene (Don Ashby, Jason Murry, and Jerm Leather). Plus Merry Standish Comedy veterans John Bertoli and piano man Roland Allen as well as Red Bluff’s own Weston Mccoy and Marty Trendler. 
“Unhireable” contains adult language and is suggested for a mature audience.
 $10 advance tickets for “Unhireable” are on sale online (
They are also available at Wild Oak (328 Oak St., 527-7347) and Plum Crazy Hair Design and Boutique (645 Main St., 529-5566) in Red Bluff. 
Admission at the door is $15,  but seating is limited (less than 100) so we recommend buying tickets in advance.
Here’s a link to the FB Event page with a poster, photos, and comedian biographies-
For more information go to or Merry Standish Comedy on Facebook.
I’m glad to see Marty Trendler back in action – after Marty lampooned Tim Russert, I can’t remember what Russert looked like. I couldn’t find a “Press the Meat” bit, but I found this, with Marty as Ralph Cramden – WARNING! This stuff is INAPPROPRIATE! Get your kids away from the computer! 
Don’t worry, nobody saw you laughing. 





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