Sometimes I just feel like sitting around on the blogs

Today I woke up to the smell of last night’s cooking odors –  still got the house shut up tighter than a drum to keep out that North Wind. Get OOOOOUT!

This wind takes the moisture out of everything, my porch plants are all droopy and beat up, Biscuit is skittery. Yesterday I watched a late flock of honkers beat their wings against it, frantically going nowhere, circling again and again for another charge. I have watched them mount the Sierra, circling and circling for altitude, but this wind seemed to have them beat.  They finally straggled off, having gained a group big enough to make a go of it. 

I’m beat-up and straggly, and I’m staying inside today. I will have to satisfy my gardening urge with a trip to Belmont Rooster:

He’s been talking about some of my favorite flowers – lilac and viola. Purple viola grow wild here, my grandma had so many the scent would fill the yard in Spring. My neighbor’s front lawn is made up almost entirely of viola – she lives at a four way stop, and you can smell them in your car as you wait. Lilac is a wonderful smell too, a “grandma” smell. These are two flowers that don’t annoy my sinuses. 

When I need a good laugh I go to Bloggess:

If you don’t find this woman and her friends very funny then my sympathies to you. Laughter is the best medicine. Are you up on your meds?

For more commentary on life, the man’s point of view,  I go to MikeisHappy:

As Mike says, it’s okay, I don’t get it either.

Sure, I’ll be working around the house all day, but when I get bored, I check in with one of these guys, and then watch a quick episode of South Park, or Key and Peele, both of which are available free online. I know, they are both inappropriate as Hell, and you know that too! 

All work and no play make Juanita bitchy.


6 thoughts on “Sometimes I just feel like sitting around on the blogs

  1. Thanks for the great words for my blog. This time of the year is good because plants are starting to come up. BUT, there are plants that didn’t survive. I have no job so no funds to buy anything to replant. I have a wish list that comes to $$$…$$$.

    I am just now getting back into blogging are there are so many favorites that I have not found yet. I had a list but because “you know who” wanted me to delete everything blog related, the list is gone. Unless I hid it somewhere in a folder on my desktop and don’t remember where. I am terrible with names, so I can’t remember the names of some of the blogs. I need to write a post about this…

    In the evening, after supper (or dinner) I watch programs on Hulu. I did try the first episode of Last Man on Earth. My problem is that I don’t like most comedy. These days comedy has to be stupid. What happened to funny comedy like the Michael J. Fox show? BUT, I also like the Mr. Bean. I found several on YouTube yesterday and actually did laugh. I can’t laugh these days. It seems things are to serious.

    OH, I did mention Hulu. I just use the free version and I really like it. There are current series available ad well as movies. If you like old movies… they have those, too.

    I am having some problems getting “in the mood” for anything these days. I am not sure why, but it needs to stop! I appreciate your kind words, and it does help. Thank you very much!

    • Thanks for coming over! I’m surprised you would have time to watch tv, then I realize – can’t work in the garden 24-7. For one thing, my hands are so cracked right now from this North wind I’m laying off touching dirt for a few days. Today I may sit out our last windy day (rubbing Bert’s Balm into my hands!) by watching the very first episode of “Last Man on Earth,” we missed most of it and there are some questions.

      I like Last Man On Earth because it’s purely silly – compared to the movie of the same name with Vincent Price, or to George Stewart, “Earth Abides,” or “Omega Man” (Heston) or “Stand” by Stephen King – I’ve read/seen a lot of stuff on this subject, and this show actually covers some new angles. I know – my husband and I almost gave up with the cow episode – I had a cow as a child, I really had to suspend my disbelief. I have had to do that with most of my favorite tv shows. It took me about five episodes to become comfortable with The Office, now it’s one of my favorite shows.

      Oh yeah – thanks for reminding me – Mr. Bean makes me laugh so hard I can’t work while I’m watching it. I was just watching, I think, the first episode – he wakes up late for a dentist appointment and has to dress in the car – classic Bean!

      and then there’s Rowan Atkinson’s stand-up, he performs at every “Comic Relief” event – it’s not Bean, that’s for sure!

      yeah, laughter is medicine. I get down too, every now and then, I have to remind myself, what an absolutely fabulous life I have. Sitting down in front of the boob tube for 20 or 30 minutes, laughing hard, breaks the tension, chases the blues away.

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