Oooooh! You have to be careful what you ask for, cause you might get it!

Well, no baking outside today! Talk about timing – I’d be super pissed if PG&E went out today, yesterday was a lot less of a bummer.  What a whopper of a storm, thank you very much. Finally the dust and pollen will get washed out of the trees around my house, and we can open the windows again. My nose is burning again this morning, but I know that’s over today. 

I’ll say, it’s wrong that a company as big as PG&E would let a piece of infrastructure go out and leave 79,000 people without power for hours, right in the morning. I know, my little routine is nothing – but what about all the people who have to take their kids to school and get to a job? What about my telecommuting tenants – they had to tell their bosses in San Francisco and Sacramento they couldn’t work. They had to go out with their cell phones and look for public wi-fi, and everything was out. Meanwhile their kids were sitting in dark classrooms. Food all over town sat spoiling in the dark. My refrigerator was not cold when the power went back on, and we had not been opening it.

PG&E does not tend it’s infrastructure properly, they don’t have technicians any closer to our town than Sacramento. It really was as simple as this – a switch blew, and some guy had to drive from Sacto to fix it, and just about as soon as he got his shiny ass out of the truck it was fixed, voila. That’s French for “we don’t really give a rat’s ass about you people up here in the boonies…”  If he had been stationed in town it would have been over in an hour, instead we sat without power for 4 hours. In fact, if they had a regular maintenance schedule on this equipment, it would not have happened at all.

Don’t waste your time complaining to PG&E, or the heavily bought-off CPUC.  Our mayor is the guy to complain to – Mark Sorensen. Or call your county supervisor.  PG&E has to have a license to operate here, and it’s the mayor and council’s job, and the county supes,  to make sure these companies behave properly and give the people what we pay for. They don’t hold any of these utilities accountable. It took 8 dead people to give the mayor of San Bruno a set of balls.  But Mayor Sorensen won’t hold PG&E accountable, the mayor of O-ville won’d to anything – PG&E can be very generous.  I’ll  try to remember to scan the campaign reports – I found them in Maureen Kirk’s paperwork. 

I wish I had remembered to place a rain barrel under our front spout, but we still had one under the back spout, and I’m guessing it’s full to over flowing by now, will have to run out and turn on the hose when the sun comes up.  To think, days ago, I was worried about all my little trees and shrubs. Didn’t I tell you, you can’t predict the weather in Northern California. 

Oh man it’s coming down out there.  My husband has been tilling the garden, rearranging the beds, moving the fence to make the whole thing a little bigger, get more sun. So, after a few hours of this rain, I bet we could sink the F-150 in there. When I was a child on my grandparents’ Glenn County farm I lost more than one shoe going out after a storm – the mud just sucks them off, you are glad to get your foot out again!

I’m so glad to get this storm, it’s really thrilling sitting here, listening to the rain drops pound on the windows – but, I will be careful what I ask for in future, cause God and Mother Nature are always listening, even if my elected officials are not.





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