Pollen still the top story

Yesterday my husband and I were having lunch at our little dining table, and he looked out the window just in time to see one of the tassels on our black walnut trees burst forth with a little cloud of pollen. POOF!

Oh, geeshy sakes, when will it end?

We’ve been keeping those windows shut for over a month now, ever since the trees in the driveway started to sprinkle that green sugar on our cars. We keep thinking it’s going to be over soon, but wow, the black walnuts have more tassels than I have ever seen. They form at the end of a new branch, in pairs, as the branch grows, more tassels! They are very pretty now,  bright green, hanging gracefully from the end of each branch, like fancy window dressing. The very first tassels are turning brown, but new green ones seem to be forming every other day. And as the sun hits them, ka-POW!

I try to ignore pollen, but it’s literally in my face. It’s all over the front porch, glistening from the walls and the potted plants, the dogs, the lawn chairs. It kinda creeps me out, especially when I wake up in the morning with nose and eyes glued shut. 

So today I’m staying inside with all the windows shut, do the taxes, clean the refrigerator, stuff like that. I may mask up and wash the dogs and bring them in too. 

Just yesterday they finally mentioned the pollen count on the news – Kris Kuyper has been glued up like me for a month, Linda W-B has had a sore throat and cough, Jerry Olenyn had a really bad sinus cold for about a week. I think pollen is the top news story right now, it’s got to be making people sick all over town. 

I know there are allergy doctors – they charge a lot of money and require insurance to get in. The receptionist always asks you what insurance you have on the phone, and they’ll tell you right up front they don’t accept Covered California or any of the cheap insurance. They oftentimes answer the phone, “this is Dr. So-and-so’s office, and we regret to inform you we are not accepting Covered California or Medi-Cal…”

What can they do anyway – put you on Clariton? Get aload of the side effects!  They used to give shots, and that was sketchy – they didn’t know what your allergy was, so they’d shoot you up with everything in an attempt to push your system to accept it. Wow, that’s science alright! My homeopath calls that, the “shotgun” approach. Of course, my homeopath recommends a lot of lifestyle changes I’m not ready to make – a pretty spartan diet, take a lot of expensive supplements.  Move somewhere without flowers or trees – he’s a real comedian.  When he really wants to mess with me, he says, “stop drinking coffee.” 

Yeah, right – I’ll just stay inside today, keep the windows shut. 

oooo, my sinuses just popped open – sweet oxygen!








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