Who has their hand in your purse today? Everybody!

Things look hopeful this morning, weatherman says we might get some rain early next week.

Ahhhh – what will today bring?


Watching the sun peak out over my neighbor’s house, I think about my day. Yesterday I did something different – I put aside the usual chores and business and went out for lunch with the League of Women Voters. Their event – Brown Bag the Brown Act – turned out to be very informative. 

And, it’s just fun to sit in a chair in the Women’s Club, with a bunch of other like minds, and eat a pbj on fresh bread while having my mind expanded. It was almost as good as a trip to Suite A, without the cut and color.

I like to get up early and sit in the dark and try to clear my mind from all the mundane thoughts – 1) what is for dinner? 2) what chores need to be done? 3) what’s on tv tonight?

I try to think about “important stuff” – tonight Chico Area Recreation District has their regular monthly board meeting. What’s changed? They’ve moved all the meetings out to the Lakeside Pavilion on California Park Drive. Meetings have been held for years at the CARD center, an easy bike ride from my house – an easy bike ride from everybody’s house.  Now we have to drive out to Lakeside Pavilion, on the far east side of Chico? Sounds very fishy, I’m going to have to inquire as to why the meetings have been moved, I’ll get back to you.

So, you think I enjoy doing this crap? Have my husband drive me out to Lakeside Pavilion for one of these meetings when I could be sitting at home digesting my dinner and taking my dogs out to snoop the hood? No, it’s total bullshit. I do it because I don’t like being screwed without notice, and that’s what happens if you don’t keep your eye on these agencies.  The agenda says they’re getting the usual report from the aquatic committee that doesn’t have any meetings!

And then there’s the garbage deal. I don’t know what to do about that – send my usual criping e-mail? Tell them I won’t accept service from Waste Management after all the years they screwed me around?  What? They’ve foisted so many lies it’s like going into a shitstorm with a tennis racket.

The police contracts have not been signed, but I just had one council member contact me with what sounded like rationalizations for approving it. I don’t know how any rational person could sign these contracts unless they have personal gain – Mark Sorensen, public employee Biggs; Sean Morgan, public employee, CSUC; Ann Schwab, public employee, CSUC, Reanette Filmer, CalPERS consultant, various public agencies in different counties; Andrew Coolidge, married to public employee, CSUC and Butte College; Randall Stone, married to public employee, County of Butte. Tami Ritter is not currently employed in the public sector but has swam the public trough in past. I don’t know what her partner does, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s a public worker, given the pattern.  They all benefit personally from keeping the pension system in place.

They all get the health policy of their choice from the city of Chico, pay two percent of their salaries for it, and we pay the rest. Mark Sorensen is getting the most expensive package available last time I checked – about $20,000 a year – despite listing earnings from his satellite tv business at over $100,000/year, and another $79,000 in salary and about $8,000 in benefits out of the city of Biggs. Chico has a rule – these folks who have another insurance policy can opt out of the city’s insurance policy and get a cash payment instead!  Think that’s why he chose the most expensive package? Or is it his fiscal conservatism? I don’t know if Biggs has the same rule – is he taking a cash pay-out from Biggs while we pay $20,000/year to afford health insurance to Mark, his wife, his daughters and those grand-kids he’s bragged about? 

When I’ve asked Sorensen about this policy, he’s refused to answer. He treats me like I’m out-of-line all the time. I think Mr. Sorensen has some questions to answer, and I wonder how many of his supporters would be surprised with the answers. 

I know, bitch-bitch-bitch. Time to get out and enjoy the day, get some work done. I hope to see you out at Lakeside Pavilion tonight. 








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