Reminder: time to start thinking about your Utility Tax Rebate!

My husband and I just got back from a road trip to see our kid in Southern California.  Again we squeezed in as much scenery as possible, found a new hot springs, enjoyed some extreme weather, and were glad to sleep in our own bed again. There were a lot of highlights, including two bald eagles that flew alongside our car as we drove through the Walker River canyon between the towns of Walker and Topaz. 

I’ve been home for two days now and I am still so tired I can  hardly drag my ass around the apartment.

You know, it’s always shocking how much the weeds grow when you’re not watching. Our place looked so overgrown, my husband was out the next morning with the mower. Meanwhile I gave my new washing machine a good work out – it was cold down there, and we used just about every pair of skivvies we own.

I love the new washer, btw. It does work a lot better than the old washer ever worked. I’m embarrassed to think how long I held onto the old one thinking I couldn’t replace it. The new LG extracts a lot more water, so the clothes hang dry really quickly, even on those not very warm days. My towels, after two washings in this new machine, already smell better. I don’t know for sure, but it seems to use a lot less water.

I won’t be realizing any saving on electricity, unfortunately. I just got my bill for last month – even though our usage is down from the same period last year, again our bill is higher, because they raised rates. I dug out last year’s bill – they’ve cut the base allowances and raised the base prices, just like they said they would! 

Well fuck you very much, PG&E. 

I’ll be looking forward to getting that $150 rebate check from Cal Water – I just hope they still got some dough for me. I filled out all the forms the washing machine salesman gave me, but there were a lot of disclaimers about First Come First Serve.  I will also be applying for the city’s Utility Tax Rebate, available in May. I hope you’ve saved your bills, but even a couple month’s rebate will take you to Shuberts for some old fashion value. I’ll tell you what, you will get more for $5 at Shuberts than you will get out of your property taxes to the County of Butte or the City of Chico. I recommend the dark chocolate orange sticks, or the chocolate covered raisins, but of course, I’m sitting here, where I can think rationally, not in front of a case full of sugary confections. You just go for it.

Today I will be messing with my aeroponic lettuce. It’s just not growing. A friend suggested I had put the little plants too high in their pots, that I need to take some of the rocks out and set the plants more directly in the water stream. He also suggested more nutrient solution – there’s really no recommendation on the bottle, so we were just guessing. He said lights might help, but try the other stuff first.

I’m late planting seeds too, time is just flying. Still working on Fruhling Putz, trying to purge my house of old junk. And, next week, I swear, I’m going to get back to updating my will – I got as far as looking for Notaries Public in the phone book, but I haven’t decided who to call. (yeah, I know – Ghostbusters!)

Thank goodness for Saturday. 










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