Today I will get something done

Ah, the early morning quiet. I live two blocks from Hwy 99, and you can hear the traffic get started in the morning. At 4:30 am, you can hear one car making it’s way across town, by 6:30, it’s picked up to a steady hum, by 7am, it’s a roar. It used to roar through rush hour, and then quiet down, now it’s just roars all day. 

I get up early so I  can wake up with the day. I don’t like waking up to bright sun, it’s like being left behind.  I feel this restlessness – Spring wants in, she’s banging on the door, and Winter is saying, “Five more minutes, give me five more minutes!”

And there’s the 6:20 train, a couple of minutes late this morning.  Wow, it’s a long-eee! They’re still yanking that horn as if the students just got back to town. 

The sky is overcast. The moon looks like a face, peeking out from behind a door. The sun waits just off the horizon, the color of the sky changing subtly with every minute.

It’s a good time of day to be standing in a window with a hot cup of java pressed up to your nose.   Oh yeah, there’s that purple, within a few minutes the sun will be up. Now I can hear the freeway through my closed windows. Time to get moving along. 

I hope your day is pleasant, and you accomplish something that you have wanted to get done for a long time. 







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