Anger management

I am sitting here today being really pissed off at a couple of people. I ‘ll keep that under my hat. But I’ll say, if they ever cross my radar again, they’re going to think they’re in a RAID commercial.

How do you deal with anger? After several coffee-and-chats with various “city insiders” last week – including a couple of people who just like to think they’re important –  I was so mad, I laid awake for hours one night. Sometimes this stuff just gets in my guts like a bad cannolo and won’t go away!

When I get this mad, I have to remind myself, “Innnn-hale, yeah, that’s right, eeeeexxxxx-haaaaale…thatta girl!”   My body gets so tense, I get cramps. I think about the “Sit and Be Fit” lady – I concentrate on every part of my body, from the top of my head on down, and I tell that part of my body, “everything’s okay, no reason to get our panties in a knot…”

Since Chico has grown, the number of ugly, nasty, greedy, selfish people has grown, I guess I can say that. Over the years I’ve retreated to my home, going out for quick trips to various shopping centers – GET-IN-GET-OUT is what I always say. Lately my husband and I have made a pact not to talk to checkers we don’t know well, not to bite on those stupid little quips they’ve been trained to make – don’t even say Hi unless they say it first. I try to be sure to say Thank You but many times they’ve already turned their attention to the bag of bones and flesh behind me.

When I went out at odd times last week for various meetings to talk to some folks about city business, I could not believe what a traffic mess Chico has become. Of course I’ve seen it coming with every new subdivision approved by our development-happy city councils, but seeing it is still shocking. Try getting your bike across First Avenue without a light these days, try being a pedestrian out  there. Make sure your will is in order. The conga line is never ending, and yeah, they speed up with they see that yellow light, and red just doesn’t have the respect it used to get. 

Cars have become the dominant life force in Chico, get over it. 

I watched that happen, as first conservative and  then liberal council majorities approved every subdivision that came around the pike.  I kicked and screamed, but nobody cared. People told me to mind my own business. So now I see what’s going on Downtown under our current “fiscal conservative” council, and I feel the same way. They’re giving way too much money in compensation to public employees, especially the cops and fire employees. Mark Sorensen calls himself a “fiscal conservative” – Hah! That’s a very subjective phrase People, you can read it however you want. How I read it is, he conserves our public money for himself (Mark, as city manager of Biggs, gets a public salary, pension and benefits too) and his friends. That’s his idea of “fiscal conservative” – a dog in the manger. 

Our city manager and assistant city manager, Mark Orme and Chris Constantin, have come here to make sure the city of Chico keeps salaries in line with all the other entities and keeps paying the lion’s share of retirement funding for them and all their public worker cronies. Constantin is a consummate carpet bagger – he’s actually working simultaneously for the city of Chico and the city of Hayward. That used to be a contractual no-no, but you don’t see that clause anymore. These people can work out of a suitcase, and do. I was just told recently that Constantin’s wife is peeved that they have to live in a rental – well she can comfort herself with 90 percent of his $180,000/year plus salary when he turns 50 – as a former cop, that’s his “entitlement.”  I’m not sure on that salary figure –  he may be getting over $200,000 a year now.

Constantin actually told the Tea Party gathering, he never intended to stay in Chico, remarking he hoped that we could find a cheaper replacement when he left. That’s comical – he’s done everything he can to raise salaries, including gutting staff to get the money for his and other management salaries. Now he says the cops “are not overpaid,” and he’s made comments about a sales tax for public safety. 

The people that really piss me off are people who meet with staff and council members behind closed doors, then tease me with snippets they won’t be quoted on later. I hate people who try to use the issues to get attention for themselves. I know a lot of people think I just want to be the center of attention – they couldn’t be more wrong. I feel like a topless waitress – when will people pay attention to what I say instead of picking at me? 

They don’t know how I’d really like to forget all this political stuff, and hide in my private life, but the public stuff just keeps digging it’s way in. Now they want more sales tax – as if I’m just supposed to roll over and give these insatiable leeches more money! 

Visualization is also a good tool for relaxation. I visualize Chris Constantin putting his hand in my purse, and there’s a big rat trap in there, and he gets it stuck on his hand…


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