Keep It Simple Sweetheart

 The most important business of the day is getting the bread in the oven.

When I get up in the morning I can smell the bread sponge – kind of like sour beer.

Another day.  The moon was smothered in a blanket of clouds this morning, now the sun seems to be looking for a crack to peek through. Another day to do chores, make meals, share conversation. 

After I've added enough flour to make a firm dough, I turn it out on a lightly floured board to knead for about 15 minutes.

Kneading dough is a good way to wake up in the morning.

I wake up to my bowl of dough, bubbling in there all night – must be time to make a new loaf of bread! Aside from chores, the days run together for me – get those trash cans out on Thursday night, bring them in Friday, that’s all I need to remember.  Everything else manages to move along without a calendar, having a natural schedule  of it’s own. 

I think kneading is good upper body work.

I think kneading is good upper body work.  Look , the dough is wrinkly like my hands.

I always feel very accomplished after I knead a loaf of bread. Now it can sit for an hour or two, and I can go do something else without worrying about it. So this morning my husband took me to Walmart to get the usual household staples. There is a list of about a dozen items I usually only buy at Walmart, because they are just remarkable cheaper at Walmart, cheap enough to pay for the gas over there and then some.

My husband likes to look for things he needs, just keep an eye open – he’s always looking for a gadget to repair something, or something for the garden, or whatever. Today they had red onion starts, he spotted them from the door. He  also found a terrific dog toy for my father-in-law’s birthday.  Grampa gets such a kick out of his dogs.

I’d  picked up the usual milk-butter-eggs-oatmeal-whopping package of toilet paper, and was having a lovely morning, being on schedule with my bread and all, when my husband just had to mention the f-ing bag ban to our checker!  She immediately stiffened up and rolled her eyes.  Oh shit! I thought. We were almost outta here!

She said people were still complaining, but not as much. Then she thought again – people were saying they would quit shopping in Chico, and one man threw a fit the previous day, refused to pay for his purchases and left empty-handed.  Now the woman who watched the door had joined the conversation. They remarked the ban will be statewide  in July, didn’t these stupid shoppers know anything? I couldn’t believe the way they were just rolling right over, so quick to give up their rights, quicker to give up the rights of others.

I  didn’t want to talk about it, and was a little annoyed with my husband for bringing it up, but I had to add my two cents. I  can’t be still when something goes up my ass the wrong way.  I told our checker, if she’d been in on the conversation Downtown, she’d be insulted  too.  I told her she should get Ann Schwab’s business  card, with her city-paid cellphone number on it, and give it out to people that complain about the bag ban. I told her I knew the checkers and  baggers were going to take the brunt of it, and I was sorry about that, but I wasn’t sorry that people are pissed about it and saying something.

Well, you know, this woman doesn’t even live in Chico – I doubt many Walmart employees do. She doesn’t know who Ann Schwab is, and she couldn’t give a rat’s ass. So this was a waste of my time? No, it felt good, and I’ll do it again.

Got home, rolled the dough into a loaf and loaded it into the oven. That bread smell makes it all better. 

A real heel, fresh out of the oven.

A real heel, fresh out of the oven.


I was already starving hungry by the time we got home from Wally World, waiting for the bread to cool enough to cut was pretty agonizing.

It is really just amazing how good peanut butter and jelly taste on fresh bread.

It is really just amazing how good peanut butter and jelly taste on fresh bread.


I  find it’s easier to stay happy if you keep your tastes simple. 









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