Don’t throw out those old apples – make new apple juice!

I found a sweet surprise when I cleaned out my refrigerator yesterday – in that bottom drawer, a couple dozen Fuji apples from our little trees, still firm and good. I ate one – still crisp and sweet, but starting to get soft – time to make one last batch of apple juice.

I had to trim out some wormy spots, but if I can get a colander full of fruit, it's worth dragging out the juicer.

I had to trim out some wormy spots, but if I can get a colander full of fruit, it’s worth dragging out the juicer.

I got my Breville juicer years back, with some online gift certificates my father-in-law had given me for my birthday and Christmas. They had piled up, I didn’t like online shopping back then, so my husband sat down and ordered me a juicer I would not have bought for myself.  It was expensive by my standards, but the price had come down about $100 since I’d first become interested. Juicers have become a lot less expensive, there’s a lot of different kinds now.  They’re easy to use, and clean, which is nice. 

I’ve certainly got my father-in-law’s money’s worth out of it since then. In summer, I like to juice tomatoes, carrots and celery, maybe a bell pepper, for a nice V-4 cocktail, throw in a little worcestorshire sauce. One summer we had so many peaches, I made peach juice – nectar of the gods. Last year we had a lot of grapes, and I just found the last pint of grape juice in the freezer.  This juicer has turned out to be one of my husband’s best ideas. 

I was surprised how moist and sweet these months-old apples still tasted. Out of that colander of fruit I got two pints of juice, one of which we drank while having breakfast. 

That rich amber color doesn't lie - this was a good batch of juice.

That rich amber color doesn’t lie – this was a good batch of juice.  The juicer pitcher has a separator to turn back the foam. 

If my husband doesn’t drink it all, I’ll use it in my smoothies. To think, I was going to throw those old apples out, they didn’t look so good. Only one turned out to be too wormy to save, the rest went in the machine. 

I have to admit, I might put off using my juicer because it seems like a big mess – and has to be cleaned immediately to avoid having fruit pulp build up on the screen. But, I’m always surprised how fast I can have the whole thing taken apart – 5 Easy Pieces! – and a little warm soapy water and the provided plastic brush are all it takes for a quick clean-up. 

I used to save the pulp for baking, as suggested, but the resulting muffins tasted, well, pulpy, so now it just goes right into the compost bucket.  It’s not like it will go to waste in there. 

Bon Dia!






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