Merry Standish to open for San Francisco comic Will Durst at State Theater in Red Bluff – tomorrow night, 7pm, ticket booth open at 6:30

This is a big opportunity for San Francisco funny man Will Durst – he’s got Liz Merry, Aaron Standish, and Roland Allen warming his audience Saturday at the State Theater in Red Bluff.  Tickets are available at the door for $15 – that is a screaming deal, especially since we will be benefiting the Red Bluff Theater. 

I don’t know if he should be following Merry/Standish, I think he’s going to have a tough act to follow, might take the wind out of his testicles. I’m hoping for some of my long-time faves, in addition to the latest news  from Stand-up Standish, Silly Songs with Liz (can’t wait to see what Liz will be wearing!), with the comedic musical stylings and plenty of smart ass cracks and rolling eyeballs from Roland Allen. Maybe a little Gal Noir, or some classic outtakes from the sex ads section of the News and Review, but I’ll take whatever they dish out. I love that bit Aaron does with  the skeleton and the typewriter. 

Note to Roland: I have to hear “Red Bluff Girl,” I got it stuck in my head…not that there’s anything wrong with that.  See how the crowd reacts when they realize what he’s up to:

This show is guaranteed to entertain, and it’s a benefit for the State Theater.  Once they just played their answering machine messages during intermission, and that was enough to keep the beer line in stitches. Here’s “Tammy Whynot” and the boys:

Gonna drive my old pick-up down Hwy 99 – I’m in a Merry/Standish state of mind…



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