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I don’t like Daylight Savings Time, I think it was dreamed up to confuse and annoy people. While I’m always glad for the return to True Time in the Fall, it still messes up my body clock. I keep waking up at 4:30, and I can’t go back to sleep! I’m  hungry already, I got a pot of Malto Meal on the stove and my smoothie  fruit thawing on the counter. 

The general idea sounds logical, until you realize, we’ve had electric lights and heaters for over 100 years. Drive out to dairy country – you’ll find barns that are lit up like daytime at 4 am.  Farmers have wind-up alarm clocks, they don’t need Daylight Savings Time to tell them when to get up. The whole thing is nonsensical, but you know, a lot of the stuff our government tries to sell us is made up of pure horseshit.

Yes, we’ve all hard about “Obummercare”, the biggest scam to be perpetrated on the American public since we elected a black man who turned out to be as bad as any white president we ever had. 

So, here I am. I already went outside – Orion is outrageous, get out there and take a look. It’s not really that cold yet, but today I finally got up and turned on the heater for a minute. The dogs are already sleeping inside, on their cushions in the entryway. Badges tears his beds up, he is down to an old Aladdin sleeping bag, which he carries in every night and plops on the floor next to Biscuit’s big cushion. Every morning I find he’s torn out a little more of the batting, but he arranges the little raggedy thing in a pile and curls right up on it, next to the most important woman in his life. 

I’ve washed and aired out my Winter clothes and bedding, put the flannels on the bed. I have been building up my bedding collection so I don’t have to wash my sheets so often. With a front loader you can stuff two sets of sheets in there, easy, so I bought a bunch. One good sunny day and they’re dry and smelling like Summer.  Walmart has cheap flannel sheets, I didn’t expect them to last so long, but  so far I’ve had them for at least three years and they’re still holding at the seams. I bought a beautiful set of “deep pockets” flannel sheets on, can’t remember the brand, but they’re really nice and thick. 

My son’s room is kind of cold, he has a big “captain’s” window  under the eaves, so when I asked him what he wanted for Christmas he answered, “do you think they make sheets like these fleece blankets we got at Walmart?”  I got on the box and Googled, “fleece sheets”. Wham, Cabelas, $25 a set for a double bed. Fleece, not flannel – I wish I had ordered two sets, he won’t take them off his bed to wash. Now that he’s living in the snow, with lows like 11 degrees, he’s the envy of his dorm mates. 

He asked for snow boots for his birthday, so I went online and found him a fantastic pair of Sorels at Derailed, for about $70, with free shipping. I don’t think we could have picked up such a nice pair of boots that cheap anywhere around here, and I had them delivered to his dorm. Found a pair of insulated pants and some really ginchee long johns on the same site. They offer a lot of free shipping, but if you pay for shipping it’s only about $6 or $7. 

Then I bought my husband a fantastic snow jacket for Christmas, $30 off in a 24 hour sale, again, free shipping. Derailed is my new fave shopping site, they have a lot of regular clothes too. And, right now, they’re having crazy sales and turning orders around fast. 

I did most of my Christmas shopping early this year, most of it warm clothes. Sears is blowing it out the door, I keep waiting for them to go out of business but they’re still open. Last spring I found these light fleece pullovers in all these groovy colors for $9 – I bought and bought, several for every man in my family. I have a couple of them stashed away for Grandpa, he and his jackasses live in the high desert, it’s already below 30 down there. 

I still want one more nice gift for my son and his Babe, I think I’m going to buy them a pasta press like mine – They like to cook, they’re always looking into old fashioned ways to do things, so I think they would like a pasta press. We trade some things back and forth, but I use my press too often to loan it to them.  Right now they make their dough and roll it with a pin and cut it with a knife – I think once they have their own press they’ll use it all the time. I paid less than $50 for my manual press on Amazon, and now I find they have a bunch of different brand machines for as cheap as $30. I’ve had mine and used it at least weekly for 5 or 6 years, and it works like gangbusters. I don’t even  know if you can get one here, unless you have a taste for Zucchini and Vine or that shop south of town. Pretty pricey. 

Well, I need to knead my bread and get it ready to go in the oven, I’ll see you around the old water cooler later. 





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