Working my way through a bitch fit

I know, lately, bitch bitch bitch!

Well, I don’t know about you, but that’s why I blog – to VENT! It’s like farting out of your mouth  – just gotta let her rip!

Debbie Presson read the taxpayer’s blog, and maybe this one too, and complains that I have opinions and state them. I don’t attack people – I complain about what they’re doing or not doing, or I complain that they said they were going to do a job and now they’re not doing it. I have a right to my opinion, especially when it’s about somebody who’s making over $132,000/year off the public teat.

Newspaper shill David Little doesn’t like me having my own opinions either – they don’t get it. They think they can squash somebody’s free speech rights because she says things they don’t like. If I was saying anything that’s not true, I think I’d be hearing from a lawyer.

That is what blogs are for, emoting. And I’ll use whatever fucking language I like, fuckyouverymuch. 

What Presson doesn’t seem to get is, some people say bad things, while other people DO bad things. 

Well, I feel better, I’ll try to move along. 


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