Debbie Presson and the actions of city staff are making me sick

Here's the payoff for hours well spent over Summer.

Here’s the payoff for hours well spent over Summer.

I’m a creature of habit – every morning I get up and open the door of my freezer and pull out a bag of frozen peaches and another of strawberries. The peaches my husband grew in our orchard and the strawberries I got on sale at Safeway – every time they’d mark them down to 99 cents a basket I’d grab two to four baskets.  I sliced them up, layered them in zip-lock bags, spraying each layer with lemon juice I put up last winter when our lemon trees were hung like John Holmes.

I like to freeze bananas too, I get those really cheap at Cash and Carry, Walmart has pretty cheap bananas too. They’re okay fresh, but freezing makes them really sweet. 

I put  this all out on the counter when I get up, and by the time I am fully awake they’ve softened up and lost that frozen feel.  I like to add some homemade yogurt.

I'm still using a combination of goat and cow's milk because the goat milk is pretty expensive. Sometimes I can  get it at Walmart for about half the price, but it's still alot more than cow's milk. So I compromise.

I’m still using a combination of goat and cow’s milk because the goat milk is pretty expensive. Sometimes I can get it at Walmart for about half the price, but it’s still alot more than cow’s milk. So I compromise.


The “experts” say  goat milk is easier to digest, I think that’s true, because I don’t get that rash I was getting anymore. I’d read that lactose intolerance can cause eczema, and it did disappear when I started substituting the goat milk for half the cow milk.  I’ve been using the electric yogurt maker a friend gave me, it’s just easier. But, it turns out just as well when I use the pot of hot water method. I keep some powdered starter handy – I get that really cheap through Lucky Vitamin – but I usually just use a portion of the old yogurt to start the new yogurt. I keep the powder starter for times when maybe I’m rushed, or the yogurt comes out a little too liquidy and I want to add a little more culture to it. 

Lately I’ve been using Spirutein protein powder in my smoothie, cause I noticed, all the sudden I been losing weight like crazy. You might remember, I was worried about being overweight a while back. I had actually got up to my pregnancy weight –  129 pounds – and I realized, that’s why it felt like I was dragging a suitcase up the stairs to my apartment – it was my ass!  My pants were too tight, and some of my fave shorts wouldn’t even button.

So, I got right on it, and the smoothies were part of it – dumped all those crap-in-a-box breakfast cereals. I also quit eating potato chips, we hardly eat those anymore. I cut a lot of refined flour products – crackers! – almost completely, although I’ll still binge on Ritz or Saltines or even tortilla chips once in a while. My dentist confirmed that stuff is also bad for your teeth – it just pounds right into your gums!

The good news – I lost 9 pounds, pretty quickly. I enjoyed my ideal weight for about a year – unfortunately, I had already thrown out my Roxie board shorts, cause they have velcro fasteners, and they were not able to contain my fat butt. I did keep my little brown cargo shorts, which I call my “mom shorts”  cause they’re decent to wear to the store. I had not been able to fasten the button for about a year, I was shocked to put them on earlier this Summer, zip them right up and slip that button right into it’s place.

Well, now those shorts are hanging on me. My elastic waist “fat-lady” pants will absolutely not stay up, I have to fold the waste band over and pull them up around my chin. My son gave me a pair of his jeans – they have belt loops, so I cut a few new holes in my belt and there I went. I rocked those for about a week, now they look like baggies. 

I’m down to 111. My “ideal” is 115-120. And it just keeps sliding right offa there. I’m as afraid to get on the scale now as I was during my fattie period. 

I eat too, boy do I eat. Know what I made the other day – a quart of goat milk custard! Damn it’s good too. Nobody in my family likes custard, so I been kind of worried about getting it all eaten before it goes bad – so last night I sat down and ate two helpings of the stuff, before bed, which is supposed to be really bad. God it’s so fucking delicious, I couldn’t stop.

This is the last serving of my rice-raisin custard. If you are a custard eater, your mouth is watering right now.

This is the last serving of my rice-raisin custard. If you are a custard eater, your mouth is watering right now.  Yes, of course I remembered the nutmeg!

My husband goes outside to walk the dogs, I say I’m going to finish up the dishes – I’ll be frank here, I open that refrigerator and just start eating whatever ain’t nailed down. That is one of my dirty little secrets people, knock yourselves out.  I also eat the leftovers off my family’s plates – my husband will say, “I saved  that piece of fat for the dogs!” Tough, I say, and I gobble it down. 

But to no avail. I’m shriiiiiiiiinking! I blame stress. 

Lately, this town has gotten so ugly – you know me, I used to go to the meetings. I used to be a regular contributor to the letters section. Frankly, I’m literally getting sick of it. That note I got from Presson this  morning

 made me wretch – if there’d been anything in my stomach when I read her little attack, it would have been in the toilet within about 15 seconds.  She’s trying to set me up here, trying to excuse herself from having to respond to my requests for information.

Well, I got news for her. She and other people Downtown have set up a hostile environment for the tax payer. Her actions, trying to get me cut off because of this and the CTA blog, are really stressful and mentally abusive to me, and I’m practically shitting myself down the toilet because of the way she treats me. 

My husband always used to say, “Oh, they’d love for you to quit…” Now he doesn’t tease me anymore, he tries to distract me from that crap all the time. This weekend we’re going underground, off the grid, see you the hell later. 


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