Wake up Chico, you are being had!

I got so mad at the CPUC hearing the other day, I said I was going to stop trying to conserve energy. Unfortunately, that was bluster – I was raised to be piously conservative, waste was a sin in our house. Wasting anything!  My grandmother was so compulsive, she would turn the heater down without looking, thinking we kids had turned it up. She’d turn off a light while you were sitting there reading – then apologize and turn it back on. She was just compulsive. 

 Meanwhile, my grandfather taught us to count out our sheets of toilet paper – three was enough, he said, unless you had the runs...  Not only did he have to buy toilet paper, it clogged up our septic tank. Every action has a consequence, that’s what we were taught – PAY ATTENTION! We can’t all be perfect every minute, but we can think before we act, and the world would be a better place for everybody.

I get sick of the naysayers. Chico ER editor Dave Little made fun of a friend of his who takes what I call “Navy showers” – he gets wet and turns the water off to soap up. I been doing that for years – hey, you waste less soap too, Idiot. I use nice soap, I like to lather up, have a little facial going on, get in a little shave, scrub the bottoms of my feet with a brush – with the water running all the while down the drain? Potable water? You Idiot Dave Little, you need to reconnect your brain to your keyboard.  I’m guessing he’s one of those morons who uses his shower as a hot tub and sauna. 

Sometimes I think waste is just part of the American culture, especially among the “haves”.  Here these people commit enormous waste – get a load of this article sent in by Mark Stemen – thanks so much Mark!  :


Starts out with a member of the Riverside City Council who imposed tough water conservation rules in his town, but continued to severely over-water his over half acre lawn and non-native water-heavy trees. The article goes on to show the water usage of members of various water companies and other supervisory boards who have screwed their constituents with onerous water rules, including stiff fines,  but continue to guzzle literally millions of gallons of water on their own landscaping and other sundries like swimming pools and spas. Listen, in some towns, they aren’t letting residents fill their swimming pools, they’re restricting them to watering their landscape twice a week despite three-digit temperatures, and raising rates through the  roof. People are getting $100 bills for the three s’s – shit, shower and shave.

At the PG&E hearing, I realized this outrage – the judge kept telling us, PG&E will not be getting more in revenues. Several of us in the audience were flummoxed by this assertion – we’d done the homework, our bills were going to go up. Like Grace Marvin asked, “if PG&E will not be making more in revenues, what’s the reason for this [rate increase]?”  My husband explained, they’re meanwhile lowering the rich people’s bills. They’ve “changed” the way they collect revenues – now they will be robbing the poor to give the rich a super break. Is that clear enough for you?

This was all made possible by legislation passed behind our backs by our state legislature. Assembly Bill 327 – “Returns authority to CPUC to make reasonable change, including lifting the cap on lower-tier rates…”

Furthermore, it allows reductions to the CARE discount and “allows CPUC to implement time of use (TOU) rates, on a default basis, no earlier than January 2018, subject to certain restrictions…” The handout sheet I got at the hearing  tells us it “was enacted through the support of a broad coalition of consumer, senior, labor, utility, solar and community groups,” but don’t name any of them. 

They say they will also implement a fixed customer charge of $10, with annual inflation adjustment.  They claim this will “reduce charges collected through the tiered rates…”   In other words, we no longer just pay for what we use, they will collect an increasing amount of money off of us no matter what we do. 

Thank you legislators. This is why we need to watch the legislature – yeah, I know, I say that, and then go on about my regular life, minding my own business. Frankly, I tried to watch those bills that lowered the voting threshold for bonds and assessment – yeah, I watched them blow right  through and the worst one eventually got written into law, lowering the threshold to 53 percent.  That’s why we are now being hit with all these tax increase proposals. Under the old rule, it was 62 percent. The mosquito assessment that is appearing on your latest prop tax bill passed by 58 percent. 

Wake up!

Why lay here and take this screwing? I say, we hit Governor Moonbeam and all the papers with letters about this outrage. I’ll be working on that. 






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