One more time – all together now – CPUC hearing on PG&E rate hike proposal, TODAY, Holiday Inn, 2 and 6:30 pm (pms? pmses?)

Well, the vacation’s been over for two days, reality is sinking in. Back to annoyances.

Like that supposed “hearing” the CPUC  is granting us today – oh, wise Solomon, you are one big naked bastard! 

Like Harvey Twoface, we are of two minds on this issue – half of me says, whattya gonna do, take this lying down?  And the other half says, “whattya YOU gonna do – the whole thing is stacked, you’ll be braying into the wind like an  old jackass…”

Oh well, jackass it is.

I’m not a social person, I don’t like to go out. A trip to the grocery store is fraught with peril – I had to do the club card by myself this morning! And yeah, I screwed it up, and the ever-patient Dave, with people in line, had to re-enter it! Life outside my house gets me all freaked out, I feel like a chicken in the road out there. 

I don’t think I can make both hearings – physically, it’s onerous, I just can’t divide myself up and have one of me here cooking some nutrients and the other of me out dragging in the laundry or helping my husband load a lawnmower in the back of  our F-150, then send the one of me with clean clothes on over to a hearing at the Holiday Inn.  Man, I need a computer app like that one in Star Wars, a 3-D imager – like Princess Leia – do they have that yet? 

But I do intend to make the 2 pm hearing. I looked at  the notice again, to make sure – 2 and 6:30 pm. I hope some of you can make it down there with your piss and vinegar in a bottle. 



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