Road Trip: A nice place to visit

Well, Dog Days may be over, but my life is not going back to “normal.” Not ever.

My name is Juanita and I’m an Empty Nester.  Eeeek! 

This weekend my husband drove me back down to see our son in the little Southern California town where he is going to college.  It’s his 19th birthday, and he didn’t mind telling us he was a little lonely and pretty damn sick of his math teacher.  

But not homesick.  He likes the town and the surrounding area. He’s jumped right in to the lifestyle, lots of mountain biking and some treks into the surrounding desert with the other students. He will take us to some hot springs we haven’t seen later today, and a big volcanic postpile.  He’s an outdoorsy kinda guy. 

This place is so high, the lakes freeze, they play pond hockey here. So, he spent his birthday money from grandpa on a new pair of ice skates, and he’s looking forward to playing with the local club.  

Geez it’s cold here though, we bought him socks and high tech skivvies for his birthday, and his brother sent him a bunch of tea and honey and a big mug that changes colors when you put hot stuff in it. 

I’ll tell you what he wanted most for his birthday – a burrito from a truck.  They don’t have taco trucks here, can you f-ing believe that?  They have many, many Mexican nationals here, doing all the hotel and restaurant labor and taking most of the jobs in grocery stores. You hear so much Mexican here you’d think you’re in Mexico.  But not a taco truck as far as the eye can see. That’s a norteno thing, folks, and proud of it.

But, we had to disappoint – we left early, on a Sunday, no trucks up and running. That’s okay with me – he will have to come home for a burrito, won’t he?

I don’t think he wants to stay here that long anyway.  I read in the “local” paper, this is not really a “local” town.  The ski resort was built on the remains of the logging industry – good luck finding anybody who has actually lived here for more than 7 or 8 years. It’s a boom town – and most people go bust after a while. And, they get worn down by the cold, the wind, the dryness. A checker at the grocery store, who drives in from Bishop, advised me to buy a pack of Chapstick and have one posted in the car, my purse, my bed stand…

A nice place to visit. I’ll get some good pictures today, show you why people visit here. 





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