Monday, Monday – how many times we gonna do this?

I can’t get a picture of the stars with my little digi-cam, but this morning the sky is absolutely gorgeous. The moon is busy elsewhere, so there are a million shiny stars glistening out there.

It’s Monday – again, I know. Happens every week, you’d think we’d have figured out a way to get rid of it by now. Three day weekends? Four day weekends? Two day work week?

Who drank my coffee?

I find myself in this chair, wondering, how did I get out of bed, and why? Actually, I sleep with my friend Arthur Itis, and he can’t make it more than about six hours in the sack. He drags me out here about 5, 5:30 in the morning, sets me in front of the computer and fetches me a hot cup of coffee. I love that guy, I don’t know what I’d do without him.

Arthur, more java!

Me and Arthur hadn’t been getting along – I was getting sick of him following me everywhere, and told him as much.  I finally took him to a doctor, and the doc said, he’s here to stay, get used to him. He offered us some drugs, but Arthur likes to get his drink on now and then, so he is leery of pills.  Not to mention, that stuff will eat your stomach and blow through your kidneys and liver in about a year! We thanked the doc and hit the road.

So here we are, a regular Hope and Crosby, getting laughs in grocery store aisles up and down the town. We like to drop stuff on the floor and then argue over who is going to pick it up – we just about killed each other over a pencil one time, I bent over to get it and Arthur just kicked me right in the ass. I never know what that guy is up to, he’s got a mind of his own. 

But he’s quick on that java, I’ll say.

Gives me somebody to complain to until my husband wakes up.




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