The “crime wave” hits my hood

Yeah, something’s out there in my neighborhood, and it doesn’t wait for the cover of dark. At about 5:30 last night, a car parked at my neighbor’s house, just east of the Evangelistic Free Church on Filbert Ave, was broken into and her purse stolen.   

Now, I know – don’t leave your damned purse on the front seat, how many times do we have to tell you girls! And you men need to stop leaving your Ipods and cell phones. It isn’t uncommon for these items to be stolen out of parked cars in Upper Park or later at night in the college neighborhoods.  But, this is a first for my neighborhood. I can’t help but  wonder if the culprit (s) is already watching me and my neighbors, casing the joint! 

 It was still very light outside, the neighbor across the street saw the whole thing – but said later she didn’t see him break in, she just thought he was retrieving something out of his own car. How would she know, it was a strange car too. Several days a week, the church, despite their enormous and underused parking lot, floods our neighborhood with cars. I guess I better tell somebody down at the church – their parishioners might just be sitting ducks. 

When my neighbor called Chico PD they refused to come. They said they needed a witness. Wow, she called minutes after it happened, they could have got the guy wandering down the street. A few minutes later, she talked to the other neighbor who had seen it, and called the cops again. They came out, but my husband and I saw the way the cops sped up our street, well past the 25 mph limit. He wasn’t sticking around to check out the neighborhood, he was mad that he even had to come.

My neighbor was good to get out in the street and let us all know what happened. My husband and I had literally just missed it – we’d gone out on our bike for about 30 minutes, and she was just sweeping up the broken glass and the cop leadfooting it away when we came home. I think today I’ll type up a little note with the facts and put it in mailboxes for a block or two around the neighborhood. I hate to think – we’re all sitting ducks with a police department that is too lazy to do their job.  

So, just when you think your neighborhood is immune, you need to look for an older, poorly dressed gentleman with a “bowl cut”. 


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