Problem solved – maybe…for now…we’ll see

Well, I think we solved the fly problem without a nuclear meltdown, for now anyway.  We went out and bought new flyswatters – the old ones being pretty beat to death – and we also bought half dozen of those bag fly traps. They smell like a dead animal, and wow, the flies come buzzin’.  We hung one on the fence between our yard and the chicken coop, just out of the dogs’ reach. The effects were immediate. 

I had no idea how bad this infestation really was until we went out the next morning and checked the fly trap.  A literal cloud of flies was hanging around the trap, and there were quite a few already dead or still buzzing around inside, trying to escape. No, surprisingly enough, I felt no pity. 

What I like about these traps, they only trap flies. The more expensive but stink-free pheromone sticky strips bring in everything but over flying planes – even butterflies are attracted to the smell of SEX! That was too creepy for me, we went back to the stink traps. Yeah, they stink, but wow, do they ever work. 

It was getting so bad on the porch, we started to notice another infestation – black widows were popping up in potted plants, beneath the dog bed, and up in the eaves of the porch. We went out late the other night, and one gal was perched in a messy web right over my yard boots. I love black widows, but not in my living space. We killed about eight when we swept the porch next day. Flies bring widows like sailors bring hookers.

Yesterday, like some kind of miracle – only one fly spotted on the porch, and NONE in the house!  God bless Black Flag.  I’ll include the punk band on that.


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