Bidwell Bump Saturday – get ready to ROCK!

The moon is almost half gone but still so bright it looks like somebody left a porch light on. Orion is glittering like a diamond necklace, Betelgeuse is red and shining. The sky looks so clean, until the sun comes up, and you can see the airborne dirt from the various harvest operations west of town. Get ready for rice harvest.

Tomorrow’s the Bidwell Bump, a series of mountain bike races over various trails in Upper Park. It starts at the Cross, and it’s a real rush to watch them hump that hill. My kid isn’t riding this year, but we’ll probably run over there to see what Marty Crosley is up to. Marty went to high school with my husband, he was a riot as a kid, and still is. Watching Marty make those turns, the wild grin on his face – it’s Old Skool!

And, I understand Forough Molina is part of the organization that puts this race together, so I’ll be looking for her. I would like to hear from her what a publicly pensioned candidate intends to do to bring pensions under control. I’m also going to ask if she intends to take the city’s health package or the cash in lieu. Our councilors are given their choice of health packages, ranging from about $8,000/year to about $21,000/year. They pay two percent of their nominal $6 – 9,000 salaries for these policies. I’m not sure if they get the same offer as other city employees – if a city employee already has a better insurance policy than the ones offered by the city, the city gives them a cash payment in lieu of the standard city policy. This is something I’d like to see taken out of the contracts, but fat chances of an ice cube in Hell folks.  I’ll try to ask Molina about that, if I can get a minute of her time.





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